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  • Middle ages women's clothing Middle ages women's clothing Middle ages women's clothing Middle ages women's clothing Middle ages women's clothing Middle ages women's clothing Middle ages women's clothing Middle ages women's clothing Middle ages women's clothing Middle ages women's clothing
    Middle ages women's clothing

Middle ages women's clothing

Middle ages women's ... CLW-35
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Middle Ages women's clothing

Historians tell that medieval Europe was under the sway of Little Ice Age, that’s why our ancestors were wearing multilayered clothing. Surely, it may inconvenience during the summer festivals, but definitely comes in handy at autumn and winter events. We decided to free you of these difficulties and gladden with only positive features of medieval costume. So, we made this set of the Middle Ages women’s clothing, which will be perfect as for warm weather, so for cold one, depending on the chosen fabrics. Therefore, it will be not only beautiful, but also quite practical element of your wardrobe.

This cross-functional set includes two pretty medieval dresses – kirtles.

Lower dress is made of strong cotton. Long sleeves of average width are pleated at the wrists. Lacing on the back of dress allows good fitting on the figure, so look of this fancy medieval dress will glad a wearer and others. This Middle Ages dress may be worn as underdress, so independent clothing element. Depending on the chose materials, design allows becoming as medieval peasant dress, so medieval princess dress. We did not have a purpose to sew exact replica, but we get real medieval style dress by adding lacing on the backside. So, it allows “fitting” of this set to the quite wide historical period and almost any fantasy subject.

Upper short-sleeved kirtle is not so easy as well. It is real medieval dress, which will pass the strictest checking. By the way, it is upperdress only in this set, for which we may sew it of hard cotton or thin wool. However, if you will have hot summer, so your medieval fancy dress made of thin cotton or linen will be lightest summer outfit. If you will order underdress of silk, and upper kirtle of velvet, so you get a set, fitting a queen.

By your regards, these medieval times dresses may be sewn of any fabric with different patterns. By your custom order, we may decorate dress with trim or embroidery, living out you medieval dress up ideas.

Please note that if you choose linen in options, so both – upper and underdress – will be made of linen. By choosing a wool, so underdress will be made of linen and upper dress – of wool. Colors are available in options as well. If you want upper and underdress of different colors, please send us the wished color combination to [email protected]

Custom made

This item is a custom-made, which means that our crafters use individual body measurements of a client for manufacture.
Such type of manufacturing provides with a perfect fit of an item.



natural (uncolored)



royal blue



wine red

dark green

dark blue



DO-IT-YOURSELF SET; write us for pricing

DO-IT-YOURSELF SET; write us for pricing

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wool, 85-1...

wool, 85-100%

wool, 85-100%



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Middle ages women's clothing




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