Ordinary Gambeson




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Ordinary Gambeson

natural (uncolored)
Size ( waist circumference):
XS - waist 63-69 cm (25-27 in.)
Opzioni predefinite
  • Two-color design one colour
  • Fabric  cotton
  • Lining fabric cotton
  • padding type  (20%wool and 80%cotton shred)
  • Layers of padding  1 layer 0.6 mm
  • Contrast quilting and edge absent
  • Attaching of the sleeves standard
  • Fastenings leather laces
  • Color of leather fastening black
  • Fastenings for steel arms absent
  • Personal emblem absent
  • Paint Stamping absent
  • Additional back protection absent
  • Standard length  75 cm
  • Fast Shipping  Absent
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Su misura

L’articolo è fatto su misura,il che significa che i nostri artigiani usano le misure individuali del corpo di un cliente per la manifattura. Tale tipo di manifattura fornisce una perfetta calzatura dell’articolo.

Two-color design
Lining fabric
padding type
Layers of padding
Contrast quilting and edge
Color of Contrast quilting and edge
Attaching of the sleeves
Color of leather fastening
Fastenings for steel arms
Size ( waist circumference)
Personal emblem
Paint Stamping
Additional back protection
Standard length
Manufacturing time
Fast Shipping


Ordinary gambeson (gambison, gambaison) - popular type of medieval padded underarmor.

This model was widespread in the XI-XV centuries. As common soldiers, so noble warriors were wearing such quilted jerkins.

Ordinary gambeson is suitable for usage for both, men and women. We make padded gambesons by historical patterns and basing on the ancient pictures of this padded underarmor.

You can use this gambeson armor for:

  • SCA
  • HEMA
  • Larp
  • Stage performances
  • Medieval festivals
  • Reenactment events

Base price gambeson includes following options:

  • Color – brown; 
  • Contast quilting and egde – no; 
  • Additional back protection – no; 
  • Do-it-Yourself – no; 
  • Size – XS;  
  • Fabric – cotton;
  • Lining fabric – cotton;  
  • Layers of padding – 1; 
  • Attaching of the sleeves – standard; 
  • Fastenings – leather laces; 
  • Color of leather fastenings – brown;
  • Fastenings for steel arms – no;
  • Decoration – no. 
  • Two-color design – one color;
  • Disign of the bottom edge – no;
  • Paint stamping – no.

Such cotton gambeson vest in standard sizes is available for fast ordering. Please have a look in the section “Ready to ship” and choose the one you want.

Check out these models, which are suitable for the same historical period: European gambeson, sleeveless gambeson, medieval leather gambeson.

We offer to complete your body protection with padded chausses, arming cap and quilted mittens.

In section “Gambeson” you can see all models that we offer for ordering. If you didn’t find any for your taste and wish, please send us photo and description of the required model and we will make it for you.

In this article we're telling how to choose a gambeson.


Se non ti piace il prodotto ricevuto per qualsiasi ragione,puoi mandarlo indietro a noi entro 14 giorni. Se il prodotto ricevuto ha difetti o non calza i tuoi parametri,rifaremo un nuovo articolo e te lo invieremo ai nostri costi. Se il servizio postale ha perso il tuo pacco,facciamo una ricerca. Se il pacco non può essere rintracciato,facciamo un nuovo articolo a nostre spese.


Noi spediamo gli ordini tramite il Servizio Postale Nazionale,che porta gli ordini al tuo ufficio postale locale. Al momento della spedizione,ti forniamo un numero di tracciabilità del pacco. Se hai bisogno della consegna espressa(DHL, TNT, etc…),per favore contattaci


Ogni prodotto è fatto a mano e richiede tempo per la manifattura. Tempo approssimativo:

  • Gambeson e armatura imbottita – 8-9 settimane;
  • Costumi e altro vestiario – 4-6 settimane;
  • Brigandine 3-4 mesi
  • Accessori in pelle 2-4 settimane;
  • Armatura Metallica 2-5 mesi
Per favore contattaci se vuoi saperne di più riguardo maggiori termini.

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we got the gambeson today and absolutely love it! It fits perfectly and looks great, just as we imagined. It won‘t be our last order from you!
Daniel Speal III
Perfectly shaped to me, absolutely one of the best purchases I've made, entirely customizable I love mine Soo much
 Ordinary Gambeson
Great quality! Fits perfectly and doesnt restrict movement!
Nothing bad to say about mine, fit like a glove, easy to move in. And as an added bonus, makes me look like i've been doing upper body at the gym!
Jan Kannigowski
This is made with a quality you can really appreciate at first glance! A perfectly sturdy and beautiful gambeson accurately fitted to your measurements for a really affordable price. Service is excellent too!
Daniel Joly
Were very accommodating with my requests and helping guide a new customer through the process. End product was great and I am very happy! Will be ordering something in the future for sure!
Wonderful quality! The padding is just right and it remains quite flexible. The cast buckles are sturdy and the arming points are in the right place for what I need. Gambeson's I've ordered from other places do not even come close to the performance of this piece.
Very good quality, perfect fit, great customer service. I recommend !
The gambeson I received was top notch. It fits perfectly, the arming points are exactly where I want them, and overall it just feels and looks good. If you’re looking for a gambeson, here’s the place for it!
Very top quality work and good service. The crafters followed every measurement and specification exactly as requested, and it definitely shows in how well the gambeson fits. Would recommend.
It fit me very well, very good mobility. Excellent quality, I recommend.
Perfect fit and craftsmanship, got this one in green and the color was perfect. More than satisfied!
A masterpiece! Very kind service, excellent quality of material and work and it fits perfect. Thanks a lot!
bruno Blanchard
Good job, nice product, a bit long to wait , but nice when arrived
My first Gambeson, quality at the top, more than pleasant service and measures at the top I would not fail to recommend steelmastery to my medievist friends who do not know him yet
Dino elsberg
Super accomodating and helpful, quick responsen from the staff and great quality intens
My second gambeson from SM (the perivous one I ordered about four years ago and it's still serve me well). As usully, perfect craftmanship and customer service.
Satisfied with this gambeson. Way more comfortable and light than I expected. Despite of three layers of padding it does not sweat out too much. Fastenings are sewn firmly and cast bronze buckles are really beautiful (honestly, I thought there'll be kind of cheap "golden"-colored clasps, but no). Well done, guys, conrats! Will buy more from here!
The quality of this gambeson is very good. The adjustement made to fit with my measurements are perfect. I 'm completely satisfied by this product. The customer follow up was excellent. I recommend
An excellent item! Three layers of linen keep me snug and warm, and though it felt a little tight at first, I quickly got used to wearing it!
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