• Short recurve bow “MSH” Short recurve bow “MSH”
    Short recurve bow “MSH”

Short recurve bow “MSH”

Short recurve bow ... B-4
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This short recurve bow combines the best qualities of few eastern bows:

  • shape of Scythian bow (father of recurve bows);

  • curve of bow limbs is close to late Turkish bows;

  • similar length was typical for Tatarian bows.

Bow is compact and easy-to-use. It is made of wood veneer and double glass pane by the modern methods. . Bow limb is active throughout the length. It is typical for modern recurve bows (both, sport and hunter).

We recommend to use such bow experienced archers from 16 years old. As archery requires advanced level of skills.

Main characteristics:

Length: 130 cm

Extension: 75-80 cm

Draw weight: 16-20 kg

Direct flight: 35-45 m

Flying range 45°: 95-180 m

Arrow string: dacron.

These types of arrows can be used with such model of bow:

- arrow with painted fletching 75 cm and 80 cm;

- arrow with goose fletching 77 cm and 81 cm;

Bow is supplied with dacron arrow string and carrying bag.

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Short recurve bow “MSH”




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