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Waffenkammer/ Rüstkammer

Über Waffenkammer/ Rüstkammer


God created man

Sam Colt made them equal

 Medieval weaponry

Weapons accompany mankind since its occurrence starting with first scorched stick caveman threw at a deer or first stone used by pithecanthropus to smash other one’s head. We’ll skip period when slightly hewn stones, staffs, springals, wooden axes were reigning to concentrate on weapons of medieval. 

Ancient world together with Middle ages are periods of continuous wars so, as a result, true weaponry blossomed. SImplistic ancient people’s arms evolved step by step into more familiar medieval times armory. We can roughly divide it into five areas: edged and bladed, pole, trauma and cleaving, shooting weapons, and shields. 

  Medieval weapons

Edge and bladed or “cold” – the most popular kind of knight weapons in mass culture as also among living history community. All kinds of swords or knives fall into this middle ages weapons group. You might suggest that this kind of arms’ outstanding feature is cutting or stabbing edge, yet it’s also conventional “nobility”. Its function is surely killing, however, ever more important one is showing “who is shogun for whom”. 

Pole arms comprise another large medieval times weapon group. It is a direct continuation of ancient spears that allow holding distance during the fight while increasing impact strength by its length. In any case, pole-arms are armament of clean murder. Pilums, pikes, spears are their direct descendants. Then again, battle-ax or alike are a combination with third area.

Speaking of which, third area includes trauma and cleaving weaponry. All the way from caveman’s ancient staff, these arms became deadly, effective, even terrifying arms that could break through armor and crush bones. This weapons killed, it killed painfully. Fast stroke made by a sword or spear-gone-through is far from flail that smashed bones into pieces, could make mounted knight weak or helpless even against regular peasant.

But one kind of medieval armory, developing together with contact ones, evolved much better becoming more effective. These are shooting weapons that were an ultimate argument then so still is. In Middle Ages, they are represented by bows.

The main distinguishing feature that unites all types of medieval bows is their major advantage – distance. Surely, arrow was equally deadly for peasant just like for knight when hitting into helmet’s sight. After crossbow invention, shooting weapons greatly excelled contact ones. It’s no coincidence that knighthood hated crossbows that much while The Church tried banning them. After training for 2-3 weeks, yesterday’s peasant with just one shot could end noble knight’s life, who’d spent half a life on a feat while great part of fortune – on armor, horse, and weapon. Moreover, when bows, crossbows and throwing weapons developed into firearms, they practically forced out all other arms types on the sidelines of history plus still continues advancing. Nevertheless, bows and crossbows are still used in hunting along with sports besides living history events.

Handcrafted medieval bows section contains not only traditional longbow but also others alike including exotic short medieval recurve bow -– combination of Oriental bows’ best qualities.

Surely, Medieval arrows are also here including traditional arrows with feather fletching, that always hit the target. Also, remember that you need something to keep arrows with feathers in. We can certainly help with this - Steel Mastery has archery quivers that fit every taste in archery accessories section, for example, traditional longbow quiver and other medieval archery gear.

At last – shields. Every so often this armor could become an attack weapon in skilled hands. First shields actually resembled Thorin Oakenshield’s beautiful story from The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. However, medieval times shields gradually developed from simple pieces of wood into rather complex multi-layered forms with leather or metal edging or umbos.  Just recall Roman phalanx’ shields or famous testudo formation. Furthermore, just like shooting armament, various shields remained mostly unchanged till our days. Although now it’s mainly police who uses them. Well, coat of arms is being placed on shields to this day.

What about you? Functional or unique beauty? Do you need historical and functional buckler, that can serve as shield as well as fair attack armament? How about decorating your castle with something luxuriant like handmade middle ages warrior shield in its shining magnificence? Form, material, decor – it’s all up to you. Your wish is our command whether it’s metal shield or wooden shield.

Last but not least just like “and all for the want of horseshoe nail” - rivets for medieval armor maintenance. These ordinary however irreplaceable warrior’s accessories are necessary for any armor. Steel Mastery has it all – from the simplest ones to figure rivets.

 Medieval armory from Steel Mastery

For over 15 years, our craftsmen are not only producing the best armor so as sewing the best suits but are always ready to provide our clients the best of functional handcrafted medieval armoury. You’ll feel confident at any event: from SCA, HEMA, Reenactment or Medieval festivals to LARP and Stage performances. So when it’s time to buy a shield or a bow, remember that experienced top-level armorers team can prepare you for any event from the Crusades to photoshoot.

Every bow or shield made by our craftsmen is a unique armory artwork. Every product is developed particularly for client according to his/her wishes. Additionally, in case your order doesn’t fit for any reason, just return it at your own cost – we will rework your order at our cost. Contact us via [email protected], place an order – we’ll create a weapon following your photos, pictures, and desires.


Bewertungen unsere Produkte

Medieval shield with leather edge
William Glitsch
Medieval shield with leather edge

This is my second shield from Steel Mastery. The first one was perfect and this one is perfect. Incredible workmanship. I'm highly satisfied. I highly recommend any shield from SM.

Leather lamellar plates set  D shape
Leather lamellar plates set D shape

these came in very handy and perfect for what i wanted.

Pavise shield, late 14th - early 15th centuries
Andrew M
Pavise shield, late 14th - early 15th centuries

Very well made, super solid and a good weight. Really great communication & customer service and arrived in good time once shipped!

Medieval shield with leather edge
Medieval shield with leather edge

It's gorgeous. Leather edge, custom painting, leather handle, size, material, it all fits just what I desired. Adam says it all. It made its way here well wrapped, very safe from damage. Not sure how to say it, but it feels good to hold and use