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Lieferfertige Brigantinenrüstung

Über Lieferfertige Brigantinenrüstung

We’ve created ready-to-ship brigandine armor section for those, who value time plus functionality. Don’t wait until craftsmen assemble your personal protection from scratch. All that’s needed – open this section, choose from various completely ready-made brigantine armor. That’s it! Steel Mastery values clients’ time, therefore, we’ve prepared a stock of different-sized most popular models that are just waiting for you. We have a variety of cover materials and colors.

Take a good look – there isn’t just ready body armor like GREEN BRIGANDINE XXL in here, but also various steel spaulders, splinted protection for upper arm, brigandine leg protection, and more.

Other cool novelties are Do-It-Yourself Brigandine Constructors. Because sometimes men just need to take a hammer in his hands. When feeling such a call – visit this section, choose a constructor of the size needed, cover's color and material that fit your taste and go!

Constructor, for example – Do It Yourself Brigandine constructor - Crimson, includes everything needed to make a plated armor by yourself: 

  • already sewn cover and lining;
  • set of already holed metal plates;
  • leather for washers;
  • leather punch;
  • leather straps with steel buckles;
  • steel rivets, thread, needle. 

Furthermore - detailed instruction!