Teutonic knight armor, buhurt-optimal set

Teutonic knight armor, buhurt-optimal set 2021-10-28

When your heart sings, your blood boils and you're itching to hit someone with something metal and heavy, there's no better way to live out your fantasies than through a buhurt. A cool and fun pastime for real men and chosen ladies. We've received so many emails asking for the best set for full-contact combat that we've decided to present our recommendations for a buhurt-optimal set right on our website. You're welcome.

Starting with the not-so-sharp steel sabatons, we suggest moving up to the failsafe two-parted closed hinged greaves and complete your leg protection with the flawless in its simplicity and elegance plate legs.


Moving on to body protection, we offer several options for you to choose from:

Firstly, a very elegant solution - a buhurt-optimized brigantine based on the image from The Deeds of Julius Caesar tapestry, created in Tournai c.1470. and available today at Historisches Museum of Bern, Switzerland and also at European brigandine of the XIV-XV centuries.

Secondly, a very traditional Middle Ages brigandine with fastenings from the front.

And thirdly, an absolutely luxurious representative of the family of Halkis like brigandines - Caesar large-plated brigandine.

What do we do with the shoulder and arm protection? Well, we are offering a complete set with the knight plate arms and shoulders of XIVth century as well as a combination of shoulders and arms. For the hands, optimally suit the "plate gauntlets for real buhurt", which were made on the order of one of our clients and have been a success ever since.


The most important thing is to protect your head, because a fighter's real strength lies not in his hands, but in his head. So at this point we can offer a choice of five helmets, each of which not only fit with this set, but also provide your head with ideal protection:

- bascinet for modern fencing medieval stylization

- bascinet with klappvisor

- bascinet of mid XIV century

- great helm

- knightly closed helmet of the XIIIth-century


And don't forget to add a gambeson and long padded chausses to make sure the armor sits perfectly and comfortably on you.

For perfect protection, the helmet will be made of 2.5-3.0 mm hardened steel, kees, elbows of 1.5 mm hardened steel, arms, spaulders, legs of 1.2 mm hardened steel, sabatons of 1.0 mm hardened steel and brigandine plates of 1.0 mm hardened steel.

We think that experienced fighters have long noticed that they can always look at the originals of most elements at Churburg Castle, a treasure trove of inspiration for all fans of good XIV-XV-century style fights.This is a universal, and, importantly, a reenactment-compliant set of Teutonic knight armour, which can, however, always be adjusted to the individual fighters' needs, and we will be happy to advise you on this and make this equipment for you.

Author: Katarina Ziborova, writer, re-enactor https://www.facebook.com/katarina.ustymenko

Mykhailo, re-enactor https://www.facebook.com/busin.yarl

Teutonic knight armor, buhurt-optimal set

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