Freyja style

Freyja style 2018-07-03

Life of common southern beauties was hard and rough at the turn of millennium. It would like to look like a Goddess, however not seafoam, nor golden silk are shelved in a pantry.

But, another situation was in the North. Do you want to look like a Goddess? Easy! Despite of Scandinavian goddesses were immortal, they were folksy and without any caprices wore the clothing of the same style, as northern beauties did.

“Fashion magazine” for those who would like to look like Nordic goddesses and Valkyries, is the Inga Hagg doctoral thesis. It was dedicated to women outfit Birka: Kvinnodrakten i Birka, AUN 2, Uppsala, 1974. And Scandinavian historical museums are the best show-rooms.


Who will be the first? Of course, it is Freyja – love, fairness and ringing laugh of Asgard.

To create a look of Freyja, you will need: simple, but elegant chemise, stylish green dress with trimming, gray-blue hangerok and decorated belt.


Let’s start with chemise. The finest linen with nice embroidery on the neckline and sleeves (remains of fabric were found in the burial places of Kragelund, Hedeby and Birka). As a source, there were used remains of textile from these places and renovated cut from burial 735 in Birka.

Also, we were basing on the finding from Bocksten bog, the one that was traditional for under clothing in the North Europe from VIII till XIV century. You may see it in Halland Museum of Cultural History в Varberg, Sweden.

Typical feature of chemise particularly in that region was a cut on the neckline, which was pinned with fibula. By the way, you may order handcrafted fibula in our medieval shop as well ;) Besides, chemise of Freyja style is sewn of unbleached linen, and it is so typical for northern beauty.


Cut of the dress is the same as chemise’s cut. However, it is sewn of thin firm wool and decorated with high trimming, which goes well together with color of dress, and it’s not surprising for outfit of Goddess of beauty. Such trimming is a typical one for garments from Birka burial places, and wool is a traditional fabric for it. Though, there were models made of silk as well.


Hangerok is recreated on the base of burial places in Hedeby and Birka and golden figures for Hnefatafl, founded in Tusa.



There were four types of tunic-hangerok. In the first case, apron was wrapped around the body and opened from the front. It was held on the body due to loops on the shoulders, which were fastened with fibulae. In the second case, there were long breast collar with fibulae over an apron. Thirdly, there was a train. And finally, a woman could wear apron with train and without overall.

Our Freyja wears hangerok of type 2 – grey apron and blue overall. But, this outfit looks much better than on the museum schemes and go perfectly together with her green dress ;)  


What about a belt, there are no decisive evidences, whether Scandinavian women were wearing it or not. However, we are creating a look of a goddess, so there are no doubts, that she was wearing it. Even about her famous Brisingamen… There is a version, that it was a belt, not a necklace. So beautiful fabric belt for Freyja is a must! And without any zwergs!


If you want perfectly complete look of goddess, we offer to order also blue head shawl, bag, adornments and fibulae.

Head shawl was a traditional headwear of Scandinavian woman, as well as bag was an essential accessory for any lady. And, of course, Freyja couldn’t get away without shell fibulae and adorned chains for it.

All that beauty you may see alive in Birka Museum, Swedish History Museum and Hedeby Viking Museum.

We just made all the work for you and created awesome and beautiful outfit, in which you will be a real goddess ;)

Freyja style

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