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Sif style 2018-03-22

Wife of mighty Thor, beautiful symbol of fertility, golden-haired goddess of Asgard. That is Sif, mistress of fields of golden wheat.


If you have chosen a look of Sif for upcoming festival, we are ready for that! We made a sacrifice to Odin, read doctoral thesis of Inga Hagg from cover to cover (the one, which is dedicated to women Birka dress, Kvinnodrakten i Birka, AUN 2, Uppsala, 1974), investigated all The Swedish History Museum in Stockholm with a magnifying glass and created an exclusively new god-like dress of Sif that is like nothing on earth!


There is the first look, where we didn’t use a hangerok. Surts with him, we decided. Is Sif a goddess or not?! Can’t she have a walk across the golden field without it? Absolutely, she can do it. So, set of Sif style clothing includes chemise, dress and cloak.


We offer a chemise that is mostly befit to goddess of fields and fertility. It is made of thin linen of deep beautiful brown color. Neckline and sleeves are decorated with red embroidered ornament. Remains of linen fabric were founded in burial places of Kragelund, Hedeby and Birka. Cut is remodeled by an example from burial place 735 in Birka.

Also, we caught a glimpse of the cut of finding in Bocksten hog, which was typical for underwear in the North Europe of the XIII-XIV centuries. Now this sample is kept in Halland Museum of Cultural History, Varberg, Sweden.

The most important thing – we didn’t forget about small vertical cut from the front of the neckline. As such cut is not only typical one, but also allows decorating of outfit with awesome handcrafted fibula. By the way, you may order it separately in our medieval shop. ;-)


What’s about a dress, so its cut completely matches a cut of chemise. However, it is made of thin but firm wool of living ginger color and decorated with straps of red-hot silk on the collar, bottom hem, sleeves and front part. Dresses with such trimming were founded in burial places of noble Scandinavian women, so it is the best for us.


Finally, classy and laconic cloak/cape, made of grey wool. This high-status piece of clothing points that wearer was a lady of high degree!

Not only archaeological excavations, but also figures of Valkyries clearly demonstrate us cloak’s existence:



Such cloaks/capes were being tailored of wool or silk (we chose wool) and were furred sometimes.

We decided to put aside fur and chose fine embroidery instead. Cloaks used to be lined completely with fur. We have another model, though it is possible to make such luxury cloak by custom order.

We used such colors for this dress by our own taste. But, of course, you may order your Viking dress in another color combination. Just send us the wished color for your Viking dress to [email protected]

Cape is fastened with a fibula. It is placed not just at neck level, but a little lower. So, beautiful fibula on the chemise could be visible as well.


We guess it is not a secret for you that Sif was mostly famous for her golden braids, which were symbolizing gold of wheat fields. So, if you wish, costume of Sif may be completed with a pack of hair-dye. The most long wear and intense, so even raven-head beauty could become golden-hair goddess.


Of course, do not forget to purchase fibula for chemise, which is featured on the Viking’s exhibition in The Swedish History Museum:


As well as fibula for cloak/cape in Gotland style. Just as from the Gotland museum:


All that beauty you may see alive in Birka Museum, Swedish History Museum, Hedeby Viking Museum and Gotland museum.  

We just made all the work for you and created awesome and beautiful outfit, in which you will be a real goddess ;)

Sif style

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