Idunn style

Idunn style 2018-03-22

Youth and spring. The one who renovates. Idunn, young goddess and keeper of apple tree with fruits of eternal youthfulness. The one, thanks to whom Asgard gods are ever-young… And so forth, and so forth.

Her look is not a simple one. However, there is nothing impossible for us.


Where were we looking for an inspiration? Traditionally, in Inga Hagg’s doctoral thesis of the 1974 year that is dedicated to women Birka dress (Kvinnodrakten i Birka, AUN 2, Uppsala).

In order to assure of correctness of our interpretation, we visited The Swedish History Museum in Stockholm. So now, quietly confident in our workmanship, we introduce you outfit of Idunn, handmade by Steel Mastery.


Chemise, hangerok with train and belt. Here is such an exciting and lovely set we’d like to offer you this time.


Unusual brown chemise made of think linen is as a body of apple tree with fruits of eternal youthfulness. There is fine ruby-colored embroidery on the sleeves and neckline. It highlights noble simplicity of fabric.

Linen? Yes, it is linen! As remains of linen were founded in burial places of Kragelund, Hedeby and Birka. Following archaeologists, it allows us affirming that Scandinavian women were wearing such chemises.

When it comes about the cut, we were basing upon finding from burial place 735 in Birka and researches of Scandinavian chemise, based on this finding.

Finding from Bocksten hog had traditional cut for underwear of North Europe of VIII-XIV centuries. And, there is second source for us. You may see such chemise/tunic/underdress/undershirt in Halland Museum of Cultural History в Varberg, Sweden.

The only difference from the last one – our chemise has a cut on the neckline, which is typical for Scandinavian chemises of Vikings’ epoch. We recommend fastening it with handcrafted fibula that is available for order in our medieval shop.


Hangerok is made of thin wool of deep, but not bright wine-red color with awesome handmade trim on the edges. That color is in vogue in Asgard this season, no lie!

Our sweet small things from burial places of Hedeby and Birka, figures of the Valkyrias, golden figure for Hnefatafl from Tusa and, of course, works of the Great and Mighty Inga Hagg (who performed really godlike research of burial sites and costumes of Vikings) were our sources for such hangerok.






When choosing, what hangerok Idunn could wear, we were remembering that there were only five elements of clothing for Scandinavian lady: chemise, dress, hangerok, coat and cloak. Though, hangerok was of four types: only apron, apron with breast collar, apron with breast collar and train, apron and train. In the case of Idunn, we have chosen rare last variant: apron with train without cover-slut.

For train, we used thin and green (like an apple-tree leaves!) wool with fine decoration on the bottom edge. Just right for goddess of youth.


All that beauty is tied up with drop-dead gorgeous belt, which is decorated in one style with hangerok. Decoration is small fabric triangles of different color, which are sewn together.

You may order your Viking dress in another color combination. Just send us the wished color for your Viking dress to mailto:[email protected]


And don’t forget to purchase fibulae, which are featured on the Viking’s exhibition in The Swedish History Museum:


And, of course, bright and classy necklace, made of such fancy beads from the same museum:


And handmade leather bag! What a woman without a bag! We offer to order a fine bag, our designer variant of a model, which was founded by archaeologists.

And… Do not tell anyone, but for a special custom order, we may provide you with a pouch with apple kernels. That’s right, the very same from Asgard apples. Sure thing, it is hefty rarity, but as we said above, there is nothing impossible we can do for our beloved customers.  Everything you’ll need to do is to put it in the ground, add some water and sit Nornir near (not more than three of them, just for caring of plant) and…. Voi la! In few decades, you will have your own apple tree with apples of eternal youth. ;)

All that beauty you may see alive in Birka Museum, Swedish History Museum and Hedeby Viking Museum. We just made all the work for you and created awesome and beautiful outfit, in which you will be a real goddess ;)

Idunn style

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H Baumann

H Baumann 2020-01-04 03:53:31

Very well made, fits perfectly over my gambeson. Looking forward to more pieces from Steel Mastery.