HEMA jacket gambeson style




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HEMA jacket gambeson style

Size ( waist circumference):
XS - waist 63-69 cm (25-27 in.)
Opzioni predefinite
  • Two-color design one colour
  • Fabric  cotton
  • Lining fabric cotton
  • padding type  (20%wool and 80%cotton shred)
  • Layers of padding  1 layer 0.6 mm
  • Contrast quilting and edge absent
  • Attaching of the sleeves standard
  • Fastenings leather laces
  • Color of leather fastening black
  • Fastenings for steel arms absent
  • Personal emblem absent
  • Paint Stamping absent
  • Additional back protection absent
  • Standard length  80 cm
  • Fast Shipping  Absent
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Su misura

L’articolo è fatto su misura,il che significa che i nostri artigiani usano le misure individuali del corpo di un cliente per la manifattura. Tale tipo di manifattura fornisce una perfetta calzatura dell’articolo.

Two-color design
Lining fabric
padding type
Layers of padding
Contrast quilting and edge
Color of Contrast quilting and edge
Attaching of the sleeves
Color of leather fastening
Fastenings for steel arms
Size ( waist circumference)
Personal emblem
Paint Stamping
Additional back protection
Standard length
Manufacturing time
Fast Shipping


HEMA jacket stylized after early medieval padded armor – gambeson? Is it real? Surely, we’ve got one.

HEMA enough to take part in any HEMA event, medieval enough for most medieval festivals, LARP events, and stage performances. Even SCA events are possible – just order one with more padding layers.

Simple and concise cut, length to mid-thigh, back slit, slightly modified sleeve (ties on the sleeve cuffs)on the top for more movement freedom – this model is 100% brutality padded body protection that looks stylish and cool; suitable for washers.

Jacket has got traditional for HEMA padded armor overlap closing type that looks flawless and adds more protection to the chest. Universal cutout – equally comfortable for men and women!

Special feature – blade catcher for better defence.

You give us your specific measures and wishes - we make you a completely custom gambeson that will bring you joy and comfort for a long time! 

Basic price HEMA jacket gambeson style includes the following

  • Color – black
  • Contrast quilting and edge – no
  • Additional back protection – no
  • Do it yorself – no
  • XS-size;
  • Fabric – cotton; 
  • Lining fabric – cotton
  • 1 layers of padding
  • Fastenings – leather laces
  • Color of leather fastenings – black
  • One-color design

Main photo shows gambeson with following options: 

  • Color – black
  • Contrast quilting and edge – no
  • Additional back protection – no
  • Do it yorself – no
  • L-size;
  • Fabric – cotton in compliance with 350N standard; 
  • Lining fabric – cotton
  • 2 layers of padding
  • Fastenings – eather belts with stnickel-plated buckles;
  • Color of leather fastenings – black
  • One-color design

And remember – opportunity to order additional options is always available. Also, visit HEMA section where other HEMA models are presented. Or, if you haven’t found anything for your taste, just send us a photo and description of the required model via [email protected].


Se non ti piace il prodotto ricevuto per qualsiasi ragione,puoi mandarlo indietro a noi entro 14 giorni. Se il prodotto ricevuto ha difetti o non calza i tuoi parametri,rifaremo un nuovo articolo e te lo invieremo ai nostri costi. Se il servizio postale ha perso il tuo pacco,facciamo una ricerca. Se il pacco non può essere rintracciato,facciamo un nuovo articolo a nostre spese.


Noi spediamo gli ordini tramite il Servizio Postale Nazionale,che porta gli ordini al tuo ufficio postale locale. Al momento della spedizione,ti forniamo un numero di tracciabilità del pacco. Se hai bisogno della consegna espressa(DHL, TNT, etc…),per favore contattaci


Ogni prodotto è fatto a mano e richiede tempo per la manifattura. Tempo approssimativo:

  • Gambeson e armatura imbottita – 8-9 settimane;
  • Costumi e altro vestiario – 4-6 settimane;
  • Brigandine 3-4 mesi
  • Accessori in pelle 2-4 settimane;
  • Armatura Metallica 2-5 mesi
Per favore contattaci se vuoi saperne di più riguardo maggiori termini.

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Mike Edwards
Absolutely fantastic quality and service. Looks extremely impressive and is comfortable to wear and performs well With movements necessary for longsword fencing I would 100 percent recommend this excellent product and the Steel Mastery company.
I can really recommend this gambeson. As a tall person it is kinda hard to find a fitting gambeson for Hema. The Team is very professional and helpful. The shipping was fast. I was told that the production will last up to 12 weeks. It was done in 8. The gambeson itself is manufactured very well and it`s good looking. Thank you very much.
 Julien Loze
I ordered this gambeson for HEMA, with the following options: - 2 layers, - 350N puncture resistant fabric, - dark blue color. It is absolutely great ! The gambeson looks incredibly good, fits perfectly and offers good protection. I only used it for light contact sparring with very rigid synthetic swords, and I didn't feel a thing while receiving thrusts to my chest and cuts to my arms. I plan to add other pieces of equipement for heavier sparring in the future, though. Like some other comments said, this gambeson also provides great mobility, even though I ordered the two layers version. As a conclusion : it's a great product, I definitely recommend it !
I did not yet have the opportunity to test it in sparring, but seems adequate (I ordered two layers). Just by the looks of it and how it feels, I can say this is a greatly made gambeson. The service was outstanding and all my queries were promptly answered.
Reinis Axelsson
I drew this gambeson for myself specifically for HEMA training. It's based on the HEMA Fencing Jacket but with added length, extra space in the shoulder and upper arm area and a blade catcher collar. The result is a great piece of equipment with fantastic mobility. I can raise my arms straight up over my head with no resistance from the jacket. I chose 2 layers of padding and it's enough for pretty hard sparring with steel feders as long as you have elbow and forearm protectors. And it looks sensational! Exceeded my expectations in every way.
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