Caramel color follows the fashion

Caramel color follows the fashion -0001-11-30

Caramel-colored bags

Should we say that we use the best-quality leather for manufacture of our bags? Every lucky owner of it may confirm that. In century, when more and more things around of you become artificial, it is so nice to keep in hands genuine leather good. Anyhow, humanity will not soon come to what nature was creating for million years. Leather is leather, and good leather is a real chic and delight. However, perfection has no limits and now we break through them towards the colour.

Impossibility of color choosing was the only disadvantage of our bags. We repent: you could choose model, but not a color. But, that imperfect epoch is over! From now, you may order any item in any color. Even more! We have absolutely new, smooth, enswathing, pudent and shameless caramel color – our gift to you. Our artisans were choosing dyes for quite a long time to create this one-of-a-kind shade, a royal one in its simplicity.


Now, by choosing a color of bag, always remember about caramel, as it may become yours.


Caramel color follows the fashion

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