Blued helmet armet - new photos!

Blued helmet armet - new photos! 2018-08-06

This beautiful helmet armet of the XVI century is made of cold-rolled steel. Padded cotton liner is sewn inside and provides with very comfortable wearing.

Plate gorget protects neck; movable visor covers face.


Armet on the photos has blueing as finish treatment. In options, we offer also satin or mirror polishing for you medieval helmet. Colors of belt, rivets and buckles may be also chosen by your regards.


This medieval head protection is custom-made piece. It means that we use personal parameters of client for making of such helmet.

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Blued helmet armet - new photos!

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Per favore accedi per recensire


Ivan 2021-03-30 11:34:28

Beautiful product, fast production and delivery. Exactly what wanted to line my bascinet. Well packaged for Delivery to UK. Fits perfectly.


IgvarWty 2019-10-08 22:49:46

Quality at the top, more than pleasant service and measures at the top I would not fail to recommend steelmastery to my medievist friends who do not know him yet

Magnus Cast

Magnus Cast 2018-04-17 12:47:54

Its nice thank you ....ready for battle of the nations)))