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  • Black and red leather belt bag
    Neill Thomson

    I received this bag today, very quick delivery and excellent quality. Highly recommended!!!

  • Kettle hat (Kettle helm) with high top point
    Viktor Bulanienkov

    Great helmet!!! Steel-Mastery you are the best.

  • Leather laminar mitten
     PL. G.

    Awesome mitten, fits well, used in buhurt duel, strong enought to get my hand out of trouble. I recommend.

  • Munich brigandine (corazzine) from Hohenschwangau castle,1360-1450 (14 - 15 century)
    Lucas Custer

    I would definitely recommend it. It was my first time buying armor online, easy to order and fast delivery, good packaging. I collected my order at Orange medieval market, so shipping was for free. I met there my manager, with whom I was doing the order and the owner of the store. They are very nice and reliable guys.

  • Munich brigandine (corazzine) from Hohenschwangau castle,1360-1450 (14 - 15 century)
     Prince Val

    I was the first to command this brigandine, she is perfect, well formed, solid and resists well to shocks ! Elegant and noble, I recommend it to all knights of high rank !

  • Khatangu degel of the Golden Horde warrior, XIV-XV century
    Tom Eldwin

    I just done some training in behourd. 15 min of fighting with 7 assault (2/2 fighters). The bracers are ok with only 3 lacers that are damaged but not totally. The brigandine is really cool and get just a cut of 1cm. A strong hit with à two handed axe on my ribs. No damage for me. Thank you to you and and you're blacksmith.

  • Liner for Great Helm
    Ienei Francisc

    Great addition to my gear. You have a costumer for life.

  • Closed-front gambeson - 1 layer padded armour
    Ienei Francisc

    I am satisfied with your work quality. I will recommend it to my brothers.

  • Gambeson - 1 Layer padded armour

    Very happy about this product. It's a bit warm when you pu it on, but the cloth breathes nicely thanks to its holes below the armpits. The buckles look resistant, and even tough you'll feel a bit stuck with your arms at first, you'll be able to wield a sword in no time (I tried, and it works fine) !

  • Liner for bascinet and barbute
    Magnus Cast

    Its nice thank you ....ready for battle of the nations)))

  • Liner for sallets, norman and conical types helmet
    William Knight

    Great liner, just what I needed, surprisingly fast shipment, highly recommend!