Soft weapons

Soft weapons -0001-11-30

Why do you need a soft foam weapon? Oh, my darlings! Sometimes even the calmest person has the urge to hit the other person. But to deal with the consequences in the form of insults, injuries, and other things, do not want to.

Well, we offer a solution - a soft weapon for LARP events, festivals, cosplay, various role-playing events. And naturally - for cases when the desire to strike your opponent with an axe is simply impossible to hold inside.

Humane, gentle, non-traumatic, made of finest soft foam and at the same time looks like a real cold weapon. A chic gift for adults and children. Stylish, cool and original.


Steel Mastery's LARP soft weapon is the kind of thing you can both enjoy and give as a gift to someone else.

Soft weapons

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