Shock-absorbing material - new option!

Shock-absorbing material - new option! -0001-11-30

Good news, everyone!

If you have long wanted to wear metal elements of armor directly on top of the suit, without the soft armor, but did not do it because you have not felt inside yourself so strong urges to masochism, and your own dear and beloved body, then rejoice. Especially for you we created an additional shock absorbing layer for armor. It is suitable for all types of metal protection elements, from helmets to brigandine legs or arms, and it is fastened inside them.

We can make this element of your protection in two materials: polyurethane foam and EVA foam.

So what are the benefits of the shock-absorbing material? It coolly protects, restores its shape after loads and does not spoil armor's appearance at all. At the same time, the shock-absorbing material is only 6 mm thick (yes, we can make the shock-absorbing material 8 mm thick, but we advise you to choose 6 mm thickness since numerous tests have shown that it is optimal both for protection and for comfort).

The shock-absorbing material is absolutely invisible to anyone, no one will guess, and you will be simply considered the toughest fighter, who does not even need a padded armor for protection. Brutality!

Shock-absorbing material - new option!

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