Our team - part 1

Our team - part 1 2018-05-19

You might be wondering: who are these people who make the Steel Mastry products? How do they look like and what brought them to doing medieval armour pieces? We have decided to uncover a bit this mystery :) and present you our team.

We ll start with the craftsmen who work in our blacksmith shop.

Mikhail, 36 y.o.
I’ve been working for the last 15 years with metal in general, and since 2012 with medieval armour in particular. I’m the captain of the Association of Historical Clubs of Kyiv, where I consult on history and armour manufacturing. My work at Steel Mastery is also a pleasant hobby, because I do what I like. I’m fond of making fool plate armours.

Sergey, 41 y.o.
My acquaintance with the metal had commenced in 1988. Since 2003 I work in smithy. I’m on close terms with metal. I also like to work with wood, but work with metal is more interesting and pleasant. What lovely handicrafts one can make with the metal! Every thing made by my hands bears a part of my soul. I forge helmets.

Gennadiy, 37 y.o.
I’ve been working with metal just for a few years, I had felt the desire to work exactly with this material. I like sledge-hammers:). I also like the creative approach we use in making handicrafts and their exclusivity. I’d love to comprehend that art of the medieval armourers with which they crafted their extraordinary products.

Igor, 48 y.o.
I started in 1998 with metal processing and forging. Now I’m specialized in making plates for brigandines, scale and lamellar plates. I like to work with the metal and I like the things which come out… unusual, magic in a sense. It’s a great feeling when you with your own hands turn a piece of metal into a reliable and convenient piece of armour.

Igor, 49 y.o.
I might say that I had inherited love to the metal working. My grandpa was a welder; my father was a metal turner. At 16 I started working as tool-maker, and later as shipwright. But I’ve always wanted to create something special of this material, so when I tried to work in the medieval smithy I realized that this is exactly what I want to do.

Our team - part 1

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