New option - medieval fabric printing!

New option - medieval fabric printing! 2021-06-23

Just look at this wonderful piece of gambeson with French lily print or women’s gambeson with custom print – special order:


Do you want your gambeson decorated and you want it fast? This technique is perfect for you – since its uprisal and until now it’s the fastest way of getting it done!

So you can also indulge yourself with suggested options/pictures or send us your unique pattern for printing on any clothing item – gambeson, cotte-de-arm, shirt (just imagine how gorgeous printing will look on an early medieval colored one cotte), dress, doublet...

And, the icing on the cake…  is that it is pretty cheap compared to other methods! 

Steel Mastery craftsmen are ready to decorate any piece of clothing (only made of linen or cotton fabric) for you. Because, undoubtedly, you deserve a beautiful suit! 

New option - medieval fabric printing!

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