New Milan-style full plate armour

New Milan-style full plate armour 2018-05-18

We're glad to present our new product: Milan-style full plate "Avant Armour" (1440-1445)!

Well-known "Avant Armour" is dating from about 1440-1445 years. It was crafted in Corio workshop, Milano, and was belong to fon Matsch, the owner of Churburg Castle in 1445. Now this armour is in almost perfect condition and is shown in Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glazgo, Scotland.

The main features of this historically corrected armour are roundish cuirass with skirt and tassets and the wide different-sized pauldrons. For better protection, a couter can be fixed to the left arm plate. Plate legs are necessary element of this armour as well.
With this armour you can order the closed helmet Armet - the same helmet was a part of classic "Avant Armour". Or you can choose Barbute helm - this helm is a part of armour that is shown in Glazgo museum.

See more details on the Milanese full-plate armor page.

New Milan-style full plate armour

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