Montaggio cinture

Riguardo Montaggio cinture

Metal mounts’ purpose wasn't only decoration actually. They were meant for fabric and leather strengthening, reinforcing seams, flaps and fastenings, decoration while often – for declaring some messages at the same time.

It will be a loss to decorate your belt alone with cast mounts – Medieval bags in various shapes and sizes also have been embellished with metal mounts.

Medieval shoes were mostly made of leather and medieval belt mounts were used as a part of the shoe's construction.

But humans weren't only ones, who wore belt mounts as decoration. Just like our medieval ancestors, you can decorate dogs’ collars with bells, stars and other mounts.

If your stables aren't empty, you can also order the best metal mounts decoration for horse harnesses. Remember that your horse's harness mirrors your social status as a horseman.

Steel mastery offers you a wide collection of wonderful authentic metal mounts, which will make your medieval accessories chic and memorable.

Just look at the Renaissance belt mount from the Metropolitan Museum. This beautiful cast bronze mount is a replica of mounts from the Siena belt. We can offer various colors of enamel for your choice.

If you need to put a message in your accessories, use mounts in the form of letters, for example - Medieval belt mount "A". This handcrafted bronze mount is based on the medieval girdle of the XIV-XV century, which is kept in Baden-Baden museum. We offer all the other mounts of this girdle as well if you want to design historically accurate medieval times girdles.

You can choose a set of 10 round cast bronze Medieval belt mounts with cross – really popular choice among knights and churchmen.

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Medieval belt mount “Wreath”, XIV-XV centuries
Medieval belt mount “Wreath”, XIV-XV centuries

very satisfied!

Decorative medieval belt mount with gem, XV century
Curtis Bender
Decorative medieval belt mount with gem, XV century

I absolutely love these! So flashy and an amazing bit of flair to add to your belt! They look amazing! A must have for any XVth century noble!

Belt mount of the XIV century
Michael Corbett
Belt mount of the XIV century

I ordered an additional 22 mounts to add to a belt I had made by Steel Mastery last year (https://steel-mastery.com/belt-with-sphinx.html). They arrived today with all the extra washers they have kindly added to the order for free to fix them to the belt with. Once again, great service, Thanks!

Medieval belt mount “Fleur-de-lis”, XIV-XV centuries
Medieval belt mount “Fleur-de-lis”, XIV-XV centuries

So beautiful! Like this one.