Medieval luxury in scarlet velvet

Medieval luxury in scarlet velvet 2018-08-07

This gorgeous medieval armor is made of natural velvet of deep scarlet color, brass rivets, red leather belts and crass bronze buckles.


Big front plate covers the chest. Entire design of this brigand armor is modelled in a way to protect all vital areas. At the same time, construction allows free and comfortable movements.

We may talk about this beautiful body armor for hours… But, it’s better to see it by yourself! Order your custom brigandine right now:)

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Medieval luxury in scarlet velvet

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Vedran 2019-06-14 15:09:46

Perfect liner, completely made by custom measures. Made very fast and also sent with fast shipping. Highly recommended.

William Knight

William Knight 2018-04-10 12:21:16

Great liner, just what I needed, surprisingly fast shipment, highly recommend!