Leather LARP and fantasy armour

Leather LARP and fantasy armour 2018-05-18

Live action role-playing games have become more popular in the recent years. That’s why Steel Mastery decides to satisfy fantasy-addicted customers with line of unique hand-made leather and steel armour.

To create bracers, greaves, helmets, cuirasses and other armour, our craftsmen used natural firm waxed leather. Thickness of such type of leather is usually 3.5-4 mm – there is ideal thickness for light, but safety leather armour. For riveting simple rivets and burrs are used. We paint them in black, brown or iron-grey colour.

Women corset is dainty craftsmanship, so we make them of soft and thin leather – about 2 mm thick. Such leather takes the needed shape easily, so happy owner of our handmade corset will look not only breathtaking, but also very comfortable. And decorated spaulders and bracers will not leave any girl cold!

Armour is easy in fastening on the body and limbs with firm leather belts with steel or brass buckles. Separate parts are joined with leather straps creating full armour, e.g. arm protection.

Every workpiece can be decorated with tooling on leather, aerographics, decorative stones or another fashion jewelry. Please send pattern and desires of decoration and we will make it on your armour!

Amazing leather bags and belts will be perfect addition to your character in fantasy style. And using accessories made by Steel Mastery even in daily living, you’ll draw the delighted eye.

Make your order right now and create your unique character! And if you do not like realization of some item, please send a photo of wished model to [email protected] and we will craft it by your measurements and personal regards!

For sure, our armour is perfect for LARP, as it does not only distinguish the owner from the crowd, but also protects you at worthy stage!

Leather LARP and fantasy armour

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