It seems this quarantine will stay with us for a long time, but a real warrior simply cannot sit idly by. So let’s get ready for upcoming battles together!

You surely haven’t forgotten that gambeson is the basis of any armor. Therefore, in response to numerous customers’ requests, we present a "do-it-yourself-gambeson" set.

You probably think this is too complex as well as not possible in independent manufacturing.

Come on! We know you can do it! 

Besides, we are not just talking, but providing a ready-made solution.


* First of all, visit gambeson's page to choose a model you like the most. We recommend reading a little about gambesons beforehand.

* Second step – determine parameters of your future gambeson:

- size

- color (maybe two, three, four-color gambeson? No problem!)

- cover/lining fabric

- number of padding layers (Still not sure how many? You can always pre-order Samples for gambesons layers padding set)

- hem length and shape

- type of fasteners (buttons, buckles, lacing)

* Third step – create an order, make a payment it and get:

- cover, lining, and packing completely cut by your sizes and wishes 

- fasteners for your future gambeson (leather laces for lacing or tying/leather belts with buckles/buttons)

- threads for sewing, stitching, overcasting buttonholes (if you decide approaching the matter seriously ;) )

- detailed manual with drawings together with description of manufacturing process A – Z.

All is you need is needles, scissors, and a measuring tape.

* Fourth step – receive your order and sew a magnificent, truly individual gambeson with your own hands.

Remember to read about how to take care of your gambeson – we’ve prepared How to Get Away with Gambeson and Other Padded Armor Murder manual.

Trust us –  do-it-yourself-gambeson adds +5 to defense and +10 to charisma :)

Naturally, if you have any questions in the process, contact us to get advice or help.

Additionally, if you want an exotic gambeson model, which is not presented on our website, just write to us – we will develop the same algorithm so you’ll sew it easily.


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