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Women's gambeson




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(6 reviews)

Women's gambeson

XS - waist 60-65 cm (24-26")
Standard Option
  • Zweifarbig one colour
  • Fabric  cotton
  • Futterstoff cotton
  • padding type  (20%wool and 80%cotton shred)
  • Layers of padding  1 layer 0.6 mm
  • Steppung und Randfarbe absent
  • Color of Contrast quilting and edge absent
  • Anbringen der Ärmel standard
  • Befestigungen leather laces
  • Farbe für die Lederbefestigung black
  • Dekoration Without decoration
  • Befestigung für Stahlarme absent
  • Personal emblem absent
  • Paint Stamping absent
  • Muster für den unteren Teil standard
  • Standard length  80 cm
  • Manufacturing time standastandard manufacturing time 5-7 monthsrd manufacturing time
  • Fast Shipping  Absent
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Dieses Produkt ist maßgeschneidert, das bedeutet es wird von uns individuell für dich und deine Maße angefertigt damit es dir perfekt passt.

padding type
Layers of padding
Steppung und Randfarbe
Color of Contrast quilting and edge
Anbringen der Ärmel
Farbe für die Lederbefestigung
Befestigung für Stahlarme
Personal emblem
Paint Stamping
Muster für den unteren Teil
Standard length
Manufacturing time
Fast Shipping


Women’s gambeson is a model, designed especially for women, who take participation in historical fencing or medieval events.

Gambison is not historically correct, but it is very comfortable, because it's cut for female forms. However this gambeson is more modern, it has all features of medieval gambeson, such as stitching, general cut and, of course, natural fabrics, which we use for manufacturing.

Made-to-measure gambeson armour may be sewn by two ways:

  • Machine manufacturing. Tailors will make padded armor by your parameters, using sewing machine.
  • Hand sewing. Custom gambeson will be completely sewn by hands of our tailors. Such type of manufacture is historical one and is offered for additional costs.

You can use this aketon armor for:

  • SCA
  • HEMA
  • Larp
  • Stage performances
  • Medieval festivals
  • Reenactment events

Base price includes following options:

  1. 1-2 layers of padding (natural sheet wadding 50% cotton, 50% wool);
  2. Natural (uncoloured) cotton for outer and inner shell;
  3. Standard sleeves’ attaching (closed armpit);
  4. XS-size;
  5. Black leather strap;
  6. Straight bottom edge;
  7. No fastenings for steel arms.

This gambeson jacket can be worn under the chain mail, and in this case quilted gambeson had 4-6 layers of padding. If you plan to wear it under brigandine or plate armour, so 2-3 layers of padding will be enough.

We offer various materials for your gambeson. Outer shell of such gambeson coat can be made of beautiful velvet or natural leather with linen or cotton lining. Though, men choose black or blue aketon armor more often, royal-blue, wine-red, green or red gambesons are the most popular colors among the women.

You may choose different festoons for decorating of bottom edge of your quilted gambeson or adorn it with figured straps for fastening. Beautiful handcrafted cast buckles are available for order. You may add sewing on of the personal symbol. If you choose half-coloured or quarter-coloured gambeson, please inform us by e-mail, what colours you prefer and its exact disposition.

If you plan to use plate arms or spaulders over your medieval gambeson, we recommend you to order leather fastenings for steel arms.

There are two layers of padding in sleeves of this light gambeson by default. If you want to change it, please contact us [email protected]

Main photo shows padded gambeson with following options:

  • 2 layers of padding;
  • wine-red linen for outer and inner shell;
  • sleeves’ attaching with hole under armpit;
  • M-size;
  • black leather strap;
  • straight bottom edge;
  • no fastenings for steel arms.

Benefits, which you’ll get, if you buy gambeson at Steel Mastery:

  1. Custom-made high-quality padded underarmor, made of natural fabrics by your individual parameters;
  2. Reliability and comfortable wearing for years;
  3. Product made by experienced tailors, who really know how to make a good armor;
  4. Convenient payment systems (Paypal, Skrill, Visa, MasterCard, American Express);
  5. Flexible return system in case if you don’t like an item.

Such cotton gambeson in standard sizes is available for fast ordering. Please have a look in the section “Ready to ship” and choose the one you want.

These models are also very popular among fighting women: ordinary gambeson, Renaissance period gambeson, aketon of the XIV-XV century

For better protection, we recommend to use this gambeson together with chausses and brigandine.

In section “Gambeson”, you can see all models that we offer for ordering. Every model may be customized by your regards. If you didn’t find any for your taste and wish, please send us photo and description of the required model and we will make it for you.

In this article we're telling how to choose a gambeson.


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Alle unsere Produkte sind in Handarbeit hergestellt. Die durchschnittliche Herstellzeit beträgt:

  • Gambeson und Stoffrüstungen 8-9 Wochen
  • Kostüme und andere Kleidung 4-6 Wochen
  • Brigantinen 3-4 Monate
  • Lederaccessoires 2-4 Wochen
  • Metallrüstungen 2-5 Monate
Falls du noch Fragen hast, schreib uns und wir beantworten sie gerne.

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Torben Grapatin
Verry Cool my Wife is happy. Happy Wife happy Life. The quality of the Gambeson ist verry good. The Support from Steel Mastery is outstanding. Thank you Ann. I make my Hobby since 1993 and i wish all my equipment have this quality standart. My english is bad i hobe my rating is helbful
I'm super happy with my amazing gambeson! All contact with the steal mastery has been absolutely fantastic from the time we met and took my measurements on the Wisby medieval market to the time that the gambeson came home to me in sweden. Thousand thanks!
I received my gambeson yestarday and it is amazing and very comfortable! It fits all my measurements and materials are so good. Nothing wrong at all, just what I expected to get:) Thanks!
I just wanted to say BIG THANKS to all Steel Mastery team for this awesom gambeson! I have it with two layers, royal blue linen (color is even better and brighter than I expected!), good stitching and fit is simply FANTASTIC! And I like the idea of laced sleeves: as a result I got two for the prce fo one - super comfy gambeson and padded jack:) Love this gambeson to bits, thank you guys!
I purchased this gambeson with red leather cover, two layers of padding and cast buckles two years ago and I must say it is the best custom made thing I ever had - it's still as good as new (despite of I have up to 4 trainings a week). Especially I love that I may adjust and regulate lacing on my waist. In two words, I recommend this gambeson to all girls who wants not only be safe when training, but also look good ;-)
 N.V. Alonso Glez.
Wow so WOW!! Awesome excelent gambeson!! Thanks so much!! Its PERFECT!!! great work with best quality, all the way has deserve every step!! I use my gambeson for sword fighting. It is resistant, protects well and fits me perfectly....my friend told me "it fights alone" LOL !! During the whole procedure, I had an excellent follow-up always clear, fast and friendly. I am very satisfied of what i ordered ...Just PERFECT! and 100% recommend! Impresionante y excelente gambeson !! ¡¡Muchas gracias!! ¡¡¡Es perfecto!!! ¡Gran trabajo con la mejor calidad, todo el largo proceso ha merecido la espera! Uso mi gambesón para la lucha con espada: Es resistente, me protege por completo y me encaja perfectamente ... mi amigo me dijo "¡el gambeson lucha solo" LOL! Durante todo el procedimiento,el seguimiento y las respuestas de la tienda fueron siempre claras, rápidas y amables. Estoy muy satisfecha con el producto ¡Simplemente PERFECTO y 100% lo recomiendo!
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