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  • Tabard with swords and lion Tabard with swords and lion Tabard with swords and lion
    Tabard with swords and lion

Tabard with swords and lion

Tabard with swords a... TAB-17

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This coat of arms (tabard) is only a sample to show, what we can sew for you! 

If you have any ideas, pattern, layout and colours of emblem – don’t desitate to write us at [email protected] steel-mastery.com and we will help you to create your own knight tabard.  


There is quite unusual medieval linen tabard, one-colored, decorated with a lot of swords and lion with an axe.

Tabard took all the best feature of its medieval ancestors - natural fabrics, beautiful look and damn important function - showing who is in front of you.


You may order tabard sewn by two ways: machine manufacturing, when our tailors will make heraldic surcote by your parameters, using sewing machine.

Historical one - hand sewing, means custom tabard will be completely sewn by hands of our tailors stich-by-stich. Such type of manufacture is historical one and offered for additional costs.   

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Tabard with swords and lion




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