Leather armour in style of Game of Thrones




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Leather armour in style of Game of Thrones

Size ( waist circumference):
XS - waist 63-69 cm (25-27 in.)
Opzioni predefinite
  • Manufacturing time standard manufacturing time 4 months
  • Fast Shipping  Absent
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Su misura

L’articolo è fatto su misura,il che significa che i nostri artigiani usano le misure individuali del corpo di un cliente per la manifattura. Tale tipo di manifattura fornisce una perfetta calzatura dell’articolo.

Size ( waist circumference)
Manufacturing time
Fast Shipping


Set of leather armour is handcrafted in style of fantasy series "Game of Thrones".

We use only high-quality natural leather for manufacture. 

Plates are riveted to the leather base of contrast colour.

Set consists of the following elements:

- cuirass;

- thigh and groin protection;

- spaulders;

- bracers;

- greaves

Every part of armour is supplied with firm leather belts with buckles. You may fit your armament comfortably on you body by useing these belts.

This light and beautiful armour is available for order is in different sizes and in such colours: black, wine-red, brown and hazel (light brown).

And below you will wind some funny backstory to creation of this armor. Enjoy!

Boobes and dragons forever!

Armor of foot-soldier from House Lannister or AVE Leones

Who does always pay their debts? Lannisters! Who does have the most attractive twins? Lannisters! Who does have the smallest dwarves? Lannisters! Whose roar cannot fail to be heard? Lannisters’! Whose mines are low, but still gold? Lannisters’! Whose soldiers have the classiest armor, which protects as well? Lannisters’!

Armor of foot soldier (That’s’ it! A common foot soldier, not even a knight!) from House Lannister is a style, glam and ikebana for free for everyone who bought this armor! Moreover, for additional payment, we may cut off your hand and make a prosthesis, so you will be exactly like Jaime Lannister. Don’t you want? Okay, up to you.  

Look at this armor! Get a good look at it and then don’t tell us you didn’t see. And, for better effect, our Lord Tywin recommends to put instrumental version of “The Rains of Castamere” on background.

Do you see these severe, but rich lines, this brave silhouette? We sure, you‘ve already imagined yourself in this armor, fighting shoulder to shoulder together with your brother-in-arms in rank and file of Lannister’s cohorts.

Banners with lion are wavering in the wind above your heads; Lannisters bring you into action! No? Volume “The Rains of Castamere” up! And now? That is better, isn’t it?

Join battle bravely and do know that armorers or Casterly Rock beat the best bulls and cut out the best pieces from skin for plates of such armor. Then they process and boil leather down following secret recipe. There are no plates firmer and better that these, because soldiers with the lion banner have to take up the battle, wearing the best armor!

Then, they rivet plates to the leather base of contrast color with the best rivets. But, there’s not a common base! Crafters use only natural leather, carefully decorticated by proved supplier from House Bolton.  

Commercial break:

House Bolton: order armor base of enemy’s skin and get satisfaction in set with an armor!

So, here it is – an armor, which is worthy of true Lannisters’ foot-soldier! Stylish and such a classy cuirass, which is not only protect, but slenderize too. It’s not a shame to wear this one as for a battle, so for a fest!

Spaulders are chaste and manful. They protect your shoulders, underline dimension and attract gold-haired beauties.

Classy skirt is for protection of thighs and family treasures.

Bracers have a plate for protection of back of hand. Enemy’s weapon will not even touch your hands. However, offer of slight modification of hand is still valid.

Greaves does not only protect, but also help to create a look of expensive boots. Even if you have only house-slippers.

All these stuff is being fastened with leather belts and buckles on your body. Tight them by your wish – for comfort or BDSM.

Steel Mastery is ready to make for you this armor in any size. Also, we may dye leather in any color by your wish. But, why do you need other color, if there is a scarlet. Scarlet, as blood of your enemies!  

Choose this armor and don’t delay with payment;)


Se non ti piace il prodotto ricevuto per qualsiasi ragione,puoi mandarlo indietro a noi entro 14 giorni. Se il prodotto ricevuto ha difetti o non calza i tuoi parametri,rifaremo un nuovo articolo e te lo invieremo ai nostri costi. Se il servizio postale ha perso il tuo pacco,facciamo una ricerca. Se il pacco non può essere rintracciato,facciamo un nuovo articolo a nostre spese.


Noi spediamo gli ordini tramite il Servizio Postale Nazionale,che porta gli ordini al tuo ufficio postale locale. Al momento della spedizione,ti forniamo un numero di tracciabilità del pacco. Se hai bisogno della consegna espressa(DHL, TNT, etc…),per favore contattaci


Ogni prodotto è fatto a mano e richiede tempo per la manifattura. Tempo approssimativo:

  • Gambeson e armatura imbottita – 8-9 settimane;
  • Costumi e altro vestiario – 4-6 settimane;
  • Brigandine 3-4 mesi
  • Accessori in pelle 2-4 settimane;
  • Armatura Metallica 2-5 mesi
Per favore contattaci se vuoi saperne di più riguardo maggiori termini.

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