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Helmets explained

Helmets explained 2017-12-11

We continue our series of articles which explain all the available options in our main product categories. After the brigandines and gambesons, we come to the helmets.


We offer steel rivets and brass rivets. They are both durable and will hold the blows well. It’s up to you what to choose. Many prefer the brass ones as they look better.


We offer steel buckles and handcrafted brass buckles. They are the same from the practical point of view. If the historicity is crucial for you choose the handcrafted buckles. For SCA steel buckles are fine.


Padded liner for your helmet is sewn to helmet by default. It provides with good additional protection of your head.

Methods of finish treatment

We offer here satin polishing, mirror polishing and blueing (applicable only for normal steel).

Helm decoration

We offer a wide range of decorative options, including etching, painting, brass plates and more. The may be added to your helm in almost any combination. It’s a good idea to discuss your wishes by email before ordering.


You may choose to install a standard visor for this particular model or a interchangeable visor (available only for some models).

Visor back fixation

Here you select the way visor is fixed on the back, which include simple knot, steel or brass buckles, or a push button.


Here you choose if you want vervelles which are used to attach an aventail to the helmet. If yes, you may choose among steel and brass ones.

Dome thickness

It’s something you choose according to your particular needs. If you are going to have a good fight, take 2.0 mm stainless steel or 2.5 mm normal steel.

Titanium helmet is a light and warp-free option.


You may choose to add aventail and select its type among padded cotton or padded wool aventail, or leather, or chainmail one.

Helmets explained



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