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Size ( waist circumference):
XS - waist 63-69 cm (25-27 in.)
Standard Option
  • Befestigungen leather straps with steel nickel-plated buckles
  • Metall für Plattenrüstung cold rolled 1mm
  • Farbe für die Lederbefestigung brown
  • Nieten steel nails
  • Finishing satin polishing
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Dieses Produkt ist maßgeschneidert, das bedeutet es wird von uns individuell für dich und deine Maße angefertigt damit es dir perfekt passt.

Metall für Plattenrüstung
Farbe für die Lederbefestigung
Size ( waist circumference)


Knight armor kit of the 14th century

There were a hard but cool years of the Caroline War, when you could meet Black Prince himself and die as an equal. However, even in those bad times you had a little more chance to live, if you wear an armor. Well, we are happy to provide you medieval knights armour for your safe and pleasure.

Simple and reliable overall image of Western European armor in 60-80 years of XIV century. Wearing it, you can be a very worthy knight in every corner of France, Burgundy, and Burgundian Netherlands. Keeping in mind, that there was a war those years and a majority of men took a part in it, you can consider this armor kit as medieval times jeans with sweatshirt. Therefore, this half armour will always be decently for fighters, who take part in SCA, HEMA, reenactment events and medieval festivals. Moreover, make you a star in LARP events or stage performances.

Base price of knight armor kit, XIV century includes:

  • Strapped-on knight front breastplate with top and center corrugation for rigidity and pointed segmented skirt, made of 1 mm cold-rolled stainless steel
  • Plated hands with shoulders - modest and all-purpose arm protection of last third of XIV century at France, Burgundy, and Burgundian Netherlands, made of 1 mm cold-rolled stainless steel
  • Plated legs of the XIV-XV centuries made of 1 mm cold-rolled stainless steel and consists of cuisses, reinforced with a rib in the center and kneecaps with a rondels, which covers outer side of knee
  • Bascinet helmet is good choice to most medieval knight armors of that period. Welded dome, made of 1,5 mm cold-rolled stainless steel
  • Knight's blackened plated gloves are the copy of the gloves from castle Churburg. Such gloves made of 1 mm cold-rolled stainless steel and consist of the articulations for the fingers and broad prolonged plate covers backside of the hand and the wrist for excellence arm defense
  • Blackened three quarters greaves we based at the ones you can see at Germanisches Nationalmuseum in Nuremberg. This type of leg protection covers ¾ of a shin, combines good protection with light weight and made of 1,5 mm cold-rolled stainless steel
  • And the surprise - indiscernible cool Plated sabatons for modern sword fencing. They are too cool to shown at the group photo, but got the personal one. Moreover, just look - they are the finish piece of this armor. This medieval 1 mm cold-rolled stainless steel boots are not too popular among today’s fighters, however knight image is unfinished without them
  • Brown leather straps
  • Steel rivets and buckles
  • We propose classic satin polishing as the basic option; however, for the real connoisseurs we are ready to present blackened treatment just for a five more percentage of price

If you want some special knight armor, as an additional option you can order its custom version. It is possible to change armor components, the metal type and thickness of metal, the final treatment/polishing, decoration and a lot more. If you choose any unusual model, material, color or pattern, please contact us via email [email protected].

Benefits, which you’ll get, if you buy custom armor at Steel Mastery:

  • Custom-made real armor made of best 100% stainless steel/titanium by your individual parameters;
  • Reliability and comfortable wearing for generations;
  • Product made by blacksmiths with over 15 years experience;
  • Convenient payment systems (PayPal, Skrill, Visa, MasterCard, American Express);
  • Rework your order at our own expense or do a full refund in case if you don’t like an item.

Check out these models of XIV century full armor sets: Armor set of the XIV century in Churburg style, Full armour set in Churburg style.

Don’t forget to complete your body protection with Arming doublet / aketon - 1360 year or Royal gambeson of patterned fabric. Also, you can chose a set of Medieval set of gambeson with long padded chausses.

In section Suits of armor, you can see all real knight armor models that we offer for ordering. If you did not find any for your taste and wish, please send us photo and description of the required model and we will make it for you.


Falls du unser geliefertes Produkt aus irgendeinem Grund nicht gefällt, kannst du es uns innerhalb von 14 Tagen zurückschicken. Falls das Produkt Mängel hat oder es dir nicht passt, werden wir ein neues anfertigen und es dir auf unsere Kosten zuschicken. Falls der Paketservice deine Lieferung im genannten Lieferzeitraum dir zuschickt, kümmern wir uns drum. Sollte das Paket verloren gehen, fertigen wir dir deine Lieferung auf unsere Kosten neu an.


Wir schicken deine Bestellung mit Hilfe des nationalen Postservices, die schickt es dir zu deiner Paketstelle. Nach dem wir das Paket auf die Reise schicken, schicken wir dir die Trackingnummer des Pakets. Falls du eine Expresslieferung für dein Paket haben möchtest (DHL,TNT etc.) schreib uns bitte an.


Alle unsere Produkte sind in Handarbeit hergestellt. Die durchschnittliche Herstellzeit beträgt:

  • Gambeson und Stoffrüstungen 8-9 Wochen
  • Kostüme und andere Kleidung 4-6 Wochen
  • Brigantinen 3-4 Monate
  • Lederaccessoires 2-4 Wochen
  • Metallrüstungen 2-5 Monate
Falls du noch Fragen hast, schreib uns und wir beantworten sie gerne.

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