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About Strapends

Welcome to section “Strapends”. Here you can find various models of medieval custom strapends for belts of different width, which were in use in European and Asian countries in the Middle Ages.

All strapends from this section are handmade of brass free from leaded contamination. Outer look of these accessories conforms to historical analogues and authentic descriptions.  If you have difficulties with choosing, please contact us with any questions.

Once you choose the wished item, you just need to add it to cart and proceed with payment. Then our manager will contact you with order confirmation. If you did not find the required model of strapend, we can make it individually for you. Please send us pattern and detailed description to [email protected] Then we will be able to discuss details and quote you.

Probably, belt was the most popular accessory in the Middle Ages. Men and women, noblemen and common people, merchants and crafters, theologians and gentlemen of the long robe, civilians and military men wore belts. The fact is that popular medieval clothing did not have any pockets. Very few things could be put into the knapsack or scrip. Many articles of daily necessity should be kept close at hand: for example, pouch or waist pack (French “aumonière”) for alms. Physicians and scrivener were belting small boxes with medicines or writing materials. Noble knights and common soldiers were carrying armament and weapon on the belts.

Way of belts’ tying was a typical feature in these times. Belt loops had been invented later, but a length of accessory was sizeable enough, and sometimes it was reaching up to two meters. After fixation of the required length with buckle, free end had been wrapped around the belt. Strapend was passed through the formed loop and fixed a belt.

Like the buckles, strapends had being attached at the leather belt with rivets or small pins. Metal usually covered both sides of belt, but there were also one-sided accessories, which were covering only outer side. The end of belt could fill space inside strapend, or go into specific narrow slits on the front side.

Strapends had different and sometimes extravagant design. There were pointed, sharp, rounded shapes, unique hammered ornaments, images of the hosts of heaven, animals and birds, monograms and heraldic symbols – none of strapends looked like another one. As belt strapends were always located from the front near of buckle, both of them had being made in one style: then these metal elements were forming single set. Survived samples are kept in world museums and represent stunning skills of the medieval artisans.

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Review about items

Medieval belt strapend "King"
Medieval belt strapend "King"

very satisfied!!

Medieval belt strapend "Crescent"
Medieval belt strapend "Crescent"

very satisfied!!

Medieval engraved custom belt strapend of XIV century
Medieval engraved custom belt strapend of XIV century

It's an amazing product!

Medieval strapend of the Western Europe, XIV-XV centuries
Medieval strapend of the Western Europe, XIV-XV centuries

Very cool belt ending! I like it a lit.