Medieval-inspired Elven Outfit




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Medieval-inspired Elven Outfit

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This set includes:

  • Kirtle underdress
  • Bliaut top dress
  • Fabric belt
  • Veil

Sometimes, you just can't follow the rigid canons and rules of reenactment. For a dress, you want something edgy, magical, and playful. That's why we were inspired and we’ve created this beautiful set. Both dresses are cut according to the exact historical patterns. But the fabric and decoration of the top one are closer to fantasy than history. This fantasy dress was inspired by the golden cobwebs in the sunset rays that float in the rippling air when summer turns to fall. It was inspired by memories and legends of hollow hills and elves feasting and dancing on the eve of winter. This is an elf princess outfit, sophisticated and a little sad because summer will soon end and white chill will bury the earth.

The underdress-kirtle is sewn of fine cotton fabric and may well be used separately in a historical set. It can also be made from linen, silk, or fine wool if you wish. And we highly recommend you to wear it only over a camisole made of fine white linen or cotton batiste. A subtle peachy-beige color softens any look giving it a gentle and cozy feel, but surely you can choose any other color for your kirtle.

The golden-chocolate bliaut is made of soft silk taffeta. It was so autumnally magical, so fancy, that the magic won out and turned out to be an elf dress. The dress is laced on the sides with thin silk ribbons, making it easy to fit almost any figure. Wide sleeves and hem are decorated with patterned embroidery and festoons while the collar is decorated with a wide band of golden silk.

The bliaut dress is also complemented with a fabric belt – the same wide golden silk band as the collar decoration. The belt fastens on the modest brass buckle, which does not distract from the openwork embroidery but only emphasizes it. Traditionally, bliaut was made of linen, wool, heavy silk, or velvet and trim consisted only of contrasting stripes on neck, hem, and sleeve edges. The sleeves could also be decorated with festoons. But if you're also leaning towards a fantasy set, then no one limits you in your choice of fabrics and decorations.

A veil of golden gas fabric covered in swirls of embroidery completes the look.

This light and sophisticated outfit will make any lady feel like an elf princess.


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  • Brigandine 3-4 mesi
  • Accessori in pelle 2-4 settimane;
  • Armatura Metallica 2-5 mesi
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