• Kite shield with painting Kite shield with painting Kite shield with painting
    Kite shield with painting

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Kite shield with painting



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This shield is made of arched wood and is 140 cm (55 inches) length.

Shield is leather-covered on the front and additionally on the edges, and is stitched with leather cord. Steel umbo is decorated with brass cross.

Inside of the shield, there are fastenings, that allow you to hold the shield very comfortable.

This medieval shield has handmade colourful painting. We can make any painting according to your pattern sketch.

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    This shield is better than I could have hoped for. Excellent and well made design with beautiful decoration. Feels strong in your hand and is made from solid materials. It looks great in the pictures, but it looks even better in person. The decorative shield paint is very well executed. Everything about this shield has a nice look and feel to it. This shield would fit right in on the battlefields of medieval history .




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