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HEMA jacket (gambesons)

HEMA jackets and gambesons are sewn by our tailors aiming to help HEMA fans with training and taking part in historical European martial arts events.

About HEMA jacket (gambesons)

HEMA jackets and gambesons are sewn by our tailors aiming to help HEMA fans with training and taking part in historical European martial arts events.

About HEMA clothing

Historical fencing or Western martial arts has some special martial and equipment traditions. Safe modern equipment and specific HEMA clothing were created based on Medieval, Renaissance, and Early-Modern fencing masters textbooks. High quality and original design of our HEMA jackets and gambesons allow you to practice your historical fencing skills safely and comfortably.

Steel Mastery's HEMA jackets and gambesons

  • Steel Mastery artisans always remember how much you love history – so they tailor not only modern HEMA fencing jackets but cool and stylish medieval-looking long HEMA style gambeson, equally good for HEMA events, LARP, stage performances, and even some SCA events. Keep in mind, this gambeson is perfect for sabre and longsword – it covers hips and legs’ upper parts.
  • Special Hema fencing jackets – like brutal hema fencing jackets with classic, neutral look – provide you lightness in motion together with comfort during your training. 
  • When you need something modest, light-weighted, providing maximum freedom of movement, quick to put on, and well-protecting – HEMA protective vest is the best choice. Note, that this HEMA vest is a part of the hema training gambeson armor kit.  

Why Steel Mastery's HEMA jackets and gambesons?

  • No limits: you choose anything you like – we sew it! 
  • Best quality – no matter hand-made or machine sewing.
  • Absolutely custom HEMA clothing that fits you perfectly (any personal wishes – thickness, length, sleeves longness and type, decoration and material, any possible customization at all)
  • Quality, protection, mobility, and perfect look - –that is what you get when ordering HEMA clothing from us.

Contact us

For any questions and additional wishes, contact us via email [email protected] and we will be happy to provide any advice and assistance. 

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Review about items

HEMA style gambeson
HEMA style gambeson

Even in corona lockdown-times (with slightly increased delivery time) the result is very nice! Heavy quality of fabrics, sturdy leatherwork. Communication is fast and genuine. Fits like a glove! Would recommend Steel Mastery to everyone!

HEMA style gambeson
HEMA style gambeson

Steel Mastery does really bang up work! The gambeson itself really is a proper hand tailored garment. I opted for linen inside and out, with leather buckles. The linen is light enough that I can wear it in warmer climes (being from a desert) being quite warm but avoiding heat stroke. The leather appointments are supple and well worked and allow for a great deal of various fits. I find that two layers provides comfortable protection against wooden weapons (SCA, Practice Sparing, etc) and adding the open under arms really allows a great deal of freedom of movement without really any noticable restriction in movement. Finally, their customer service is top notch. I asked for updates on my gambeson and had several questions that Steel Mastery's customer support handled promptly and professionally, generally never more than a 24 hour delay from when I asked it. Really a great purchase from great people.

HEMA style gambeson
Erik Kullander
HEMA style gambeson

The Gambeson i ordered on Gotland during the Medievil Week is exactly as i wanted it in both the fit and color, Its allowes movement as i wanted and makes me look dashing at the same time. Thank you so very much

HEMA style gambeson
Jeff Hamilton
HEMA style gambeson

The gambeson that I order is top notch quality and fits like a glove. They did absolutely fantastic work and I'm extremely pleased with the results. I would highly recommend them and will definitely be ordering from them again.