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Plate arms of Ming dynasty

Plate arms of Ming dynasty 2021-07-14

The effectiveness of this gauntlet of arm protection is confirmed by the fact that, in various variations, this very design was used from 202 BC to the 17th century AD.

Steel Mastery has recreated this magnificent example of ancient armour, using bands of thick but cord (sorry, not dogskin) on which laminar iron strips with shaped notches along the lower edge are riveted. Like the ancient original, our gauntlet arms are secured to a fabric-lined backing and fastened to the arm using laces and leather straps with buckles.

Such a design provides excellent protection for the arm while maintaining full mobility, which will undoubtedly be appreciated by you in combat.

It's a heck of a choice of armor for arm protection at historical events, as well as sports or fantasy projects. 

Plate arms of Ming dynasty

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