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Leather armor costume in style of Bëor the Old




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Leather armor costume in style of Bëor the Old

Size ( waist circumference):
XS - waist 63-69 cm (25-27 in.)
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Dieses Produkt ist maßgeschneidert, das bedeutet es wird von uns individuell für dich und deine Maße angefertigt damit es dir perfekt passt.

Size ( waist circumference)


Leather armor costume is made in style of Bëor the Old. 

We create this wonderful light body protection of firm high-quality leather. Set includes:

- Leather cuirass. Wide horizontal plates of body protection are sewn together with leather cord. Belts with buckles are placed on the shoulders and sides. They allow good fitting of cuirass.

- Leather bracers. Arm protection is made of elastic leather. Long plates of croupon leather are riveted to the base. Belts with buckles are placed on the inner side of armor. Bracers may be purchased separately in our medieval shop.

Armor is handcrafted by customer’s parameters. Despite of it is made of leather, it has the same good protective qualities, as metal armor. 

And below you will wind some funny backstory to creation of this armor. Enjoy!

Bëor the Old or Men who came on the West…

When three hundred years and more were gone since the Noldor came to Beleriand, in the days of the Long Peace, Finrod Felagund lord of Nargothrond journeyed east of Sirion… he saw lights in the evening, and far off he heard the sound of song… looked down into the camp, and there he beheld a strange people. Now there were a part of the kindred and following of Bëor the Old, as he was afterwards called, a chieftain among Men. ©

And so on – songs, wisdom, friendship and other positive things. However, storytellers forget that before meeting of Finrod, people had already seen his relatives, the same who have never left Beleriand, who were living in the forest, praying to wheel and cutting everything in sight. Also, people had a pleasure to know orcs, so they were wandering, worn in armor. And, here is combat armor of Bëor the Old, recreated by us. So, we want to show it off and offer you to purchase such a useful thing.

You need to remember an important thing – iron was in deficit those times. Legions of Morgoth, elven armies and dwarves siphoned off almost everything. Just almost everything. And, if there were some iron for swords and axes, there were nothing for armor, however herds of beasts were snooping around. So, there were enough leather available for people. That is what mortal beings were using for armors’ creating.

As his warriors, Bëor the Old worn such a light and firm leather cuirass, simple, but with perfect protective qualities. Horizontal strips of tannage, which are sewn together with leather cord, allowed good movability. Belts of the shoulders and sides allowed to fit cuirass following the grown of potbelly. And besides, this thing looks so good that even elves don’t turn up nose and respect a good job.

Take it without doubts. This top-quality thing is time proved. In addition, it’s so light, so you may wear it all day long. Just the thing to step out in the forests and be ready to accept a battle with enemy in any moment. Steel Mastery crafts, Bëor the Old recommends.

Besides cuirass, gramps worn such a cool leather bracers on his arms: thick, but elastic leather base and riveted plates of tanned croupon leather. Simple and troubleproof. They take the hit of orc’s yataghan; elven arrows come off of it; dwarven pole-axes are broken of it; Barlogs’ fiery whips are blown out… Okay, okay, we made that last about whips a bit up. However, bracers are really supercool, very light, but protect not worse than a steel one and don’t prevent to handle a sword and shield. A choice of the first Men of Beleriand, proven over time.


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Alle unsere Produkte sind in Handarbeit hergestellt. Die durchschnittliche Herstellzeit beträgt:

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  • Brigantinen 3-4 Monate
  • Lederaccessoires 2-4 Wochen
  • Metallrüstungen 2-5 Monate
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