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  • Viking tunic Viking tunic
    Viking tunic

Viking tunic

Viking tunic... RG-61
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Viking tunic

A comfortable and stylish natural linen tunic is as simple as it is universal. In this magnificent piece of clothing you will look worthy among the worthy people of medieval Europe from VIII to XIII century. This middle ages tunic is equally good at the simple farmer, the violent Viking and the arrogant knight. But fighters, who take part in Historical European martial arts, will be delighted with it. No matter how many Ages passed tunic pattern had no changes.

It is typical early medieval long knee-length shirt with gussets sewn into side seams, cut on the collar and long straight sleeves.
You can dress this mens linen tunic wherever you want, at SCA and HEMA, LARP and stage performances, medieval festivals and reenactment events. It will serve you the best way anyway.

Check out other models of shirts, tunics, cottas. We offer to complete your tunic by other clothing from Men’s medieval costumes or Men’s fantasy costumes. If your heart is burning for something, you have not find there, please send us photo and description of the required model and we will make it for you.

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Viking tunic




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