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Fully handcrafted damask steel blade and high polished wooden haft. 

Damascus is a lamination of folded steels. Damascus patterns are formed when carbon trace elements form visible swirls in the steel mix. These elements change properties when the steel is work hardened (forged), creating the patterns. Our Damascus is made of 4 types of high quality tool steel - ????8????, ????10????, 5???????????�, ????�???�0.7 with carbon content 0.6-0.8%. The durability is 58-60HRC. We use zonal hardening-the edge is hardened and the rest of knife is not hardened. It helps to get hard blade, as to hold an edge once sharpened and malleable so it would not break when hitting or cutting. 
Our armoriers follow the traditional techniques of ancient masters of smithery and avoid any bench tools. 

This model of knife is historically correct.

Note! the knife goes with cover made of soft leather to protect the haft and blade from scratcing. 

The knife can be wonderful present and indispensable thing for living history villages, festivals or any voyage. 

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