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    Modern recurve bow “MC”

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Modern recurve bow “MC”



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Compact recurve horse bow was widespread all over Europe and Asia. Due to not great size and high speed of shot, such bow glorified horse archers.

This model of bow is made of double glass pane on the wooden base. Leather dampers are installed on the both bow limbs.

Using of modern materials provides with durability of bow. Besides, these bows are light, firm and have perfect draw weight.

We recommend to use such bows for mount or dismount archers from 16 years old.


Main characteristics:

Length: 130 cm

Extension: 75-80 cm

Draw weight: 17-20 kg

Direct flight: 35-45 m

Flying range 45°: 90-170 m

Arrow string: dacron

These types of arrows can be used with such model of bow:

arrow with painted fletching 75 cm and 80 cm;

arrow with goose fletching 77 cm and 81 cm;


Bow is completed with dacron arrow string and carrying bag.


Here is one of the authentic samples of brigandine, that was recreated based on the materials of excavation of the Battle of Visby (1361).
This armour is perfect for medieval tournaments and battles.

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