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Medieval round buckle “Orlamunde” of the XIV-XV centuries is a reconstruction of buckle of margrave Otto von Orlamunde, who was buried in Himmelkron Abbey, (Bavaria, Germany).

This accessory conforms its historical analogue. Such buckles were popular in Europe. They are found in grave and burial places and preserved in private collections and museums. You may often see such buckle on the tapestries, medieval paintings and miniatures.

Another source of clothing and accessories of past centuries is sepulchral figures. Gravestone of Otto von Orlamunde was highly researched by historians and reenactors. This statue features such buckle. 

Cast buckle is perfect for men's and women's clothing. Medieval strapend “Orlamunde” of the XIV-XV centuries is perfect addition for this buckle.

Material: bronze.

Diameter: 75 mm.

Strap width: 40 mm.


Here is one of the authentic samples of brigandine, that was recreated based on the materials of excavation of the Battle of Visby (1361).
This armour is perfect for medieval tournaments and battles.

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