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Medieval European belt buckle is a reconstruction of accessories of the XIII-XV centuries.

The Middle Ages have own peculiarities in style and fashion. One of them is a great variety of belts and buckles, included to the medieval costume. This is not surprising, as Velcro fasteners, snappers and zippers had not been invented yet. Belt and buckle were both an adornment and everyday objects.

We may see in museums, book-miniatures, paintings and even on the church frescos, how accessories (especially cast buckles) of those times looked like. Design of this model is based on the sample that is kept in Churburg Castle.

It is handcrafted, keeping up traditions: casting, bronze, typical frame, locking prong. Simplicity and nobility are the main features of this model. High-quality buckle is very firm.

Material: bronze.

Buckle size: 32 x 24 mm.

Strap width: 15-18 mm.

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