• Medieval buckle "Butterfly", XIV-XV centuries Medieval buckle "Butterfly", XIV-XV centuries
    Medieval buckle "Butterfly", XIV-XV centuries

Medieval buckle &quo...

Medieval buckle "Butterfly", XIV-XV centuries



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Medieval buckle “Butterfly” of the XIV-XV centuries is made of high-quality bronze. This model is a reconstruction of samples that are kept in museum of Churburg Caste. Museum is famous for great collection of medieval armor, clothing and artefacts.

As military outfit, so civil clothing was not getting along without a considerable amount of belts and buckles for them. Belts, baldrics, shield belts, straps for armor fastening were requiring reliable fixation and big amount of buckles. Quality, materials and shapes were showing wealth and social status of wearer. Buckle is a belt fixation and adornment at the same time.

Frame of buckle consists of two connected ellipses in shape of butterfly wings and locking prong.

Material: bronze.

Buckle size: 27 x 25 mm.

Strap width: 15-18 mm.

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