• Medieval bronze buckle, 1300-1500s Medieval bronze buckle, 1300-1500s
    Medieval bronze buckle, 1300-1500s

Medieval bronze buck...

Medieval bronze buckle, 1300-1500s



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Medieval bronze buckle is a reconstruction of samples of the 130-1500 years. This cast piece is completely handcrafted.

In those times, belt was an essential attribute of armor and casual wear. Pilgrims and knights had lots of buckles in their outfits. As so many things had to be fastened and fixed: baldric, belt, cloak, helmet, shield, backup weapon. Belt buckle was not only a locking item, but also a sign of wealth and wearer’s position in society.

This bronze buckle resembles peculiarities of style and fashion of the XIII-XV centuries. Our reconstruction of medieval buckle is perfect as for men' costume, so for women's garment.

Buckle consists of two connected ovals and locking prong. Together with medieval belt strapend "Crescent" of the XIV-XV centuries, this laconic and noble buckle will look perfect on the belt of brown or black leather.

Material: bronze.

Buckle size: 35 x 50 mm.

Strap width: 20-25 mm.


Here is one of the authentic samples of brigandine, that was recreated based on the materials of excavation of the Battle of Visby (1361).
This armour is perfect for medieval tournaments and battles.

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