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English battle longbow formed the basis of this model of bow. Longbows in the hands of experienced professional archers glorified English army in times of the Hundred Years’ War.

First English bow had being made of yew-tree. This tree has such typical features: hard heart and elastic sap. Because of such wood features, not too expensive, but effective weapon could be made.

Later, armourers started to glue two layers of different sorts of tree, when making longbows. This method improved efficiency and durability of bows.

We use the same method, creating such model of longbow. Two layers of ashwood are enforced with bamboo throughout the length of bow.

As bamboo is high-tense wood, it is the most popular for making of longbow replica.

Good elasticity and high speed of shot are typical features for bows, which are enforced with bamboo. Bows, which are enforced with bamboo,

We recommend to use such bow from 16 years old.

Main characteristics:

Length: 170-180 cm

Extension: 75-80 cm

Draw weight: 17-20 kg

Direct flight: 30-40 m

Flying range 45°: 80-120 m

Arrow string: dacron

Handle is covered with natural leather. Horn plate in the place of arrow laying

Horns with cuts for arrow string, made of wood or elk horn.

With this model of bow, following arrows can be used:

- arrow with triple fletching 77 cm and 81 cm;

- arrow with painted fletching 75 cm and 80 cm;

- arrow with goose fletching 77 cm and 81 cm;

- pinewood arrow 77 cm and 81 cm

Set includes dacron arrow string and carrying bag.

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