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  • Leather belt with "Orlamunde" buсkle,  14-15th century Leather belt with "Orlamunde" buсkle,  14-15th century Leather belt with "Orlamunde" buсkle,  14-15th century
    Leather belt with "Orlamunde" buсkle,  14-15th century

Leather belt with "Orlamunde" buсkle, 14-15th century

Leather belt with &q... BLT-06



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Leather belt with "Orlamunde" buсkle, 14-15th century

Ladies and gentlemen, please meet: Count Otto von Orlamünde, a man and a belt. Thanks to his belt and brigandine in particular, this Count became well-known to wider public of the XX-XXI centuries. Brigandine is not a subject matter for us today, but a belt is.

Belt of excellent decedent, which is carved in details on his tombstone by unknown cutter, excites minds of people for the eight century in a row. Steel Mastery could not leave out this belt as well. However, we decided not to copy it, as a mass does, but create our own new one, basing on the style of famous belt. A model, which was inspired by Count Otto, but is not copying it.   

Well, here is a belt of medium width, made of thick leather bull leather and dyed in rich chocolate-wine color. Belt is adorned with cast buckle Orlamunde – exact copy of the Count’s buckle and rivets, placed in diamond shape. These rivets replaced four-leaved mounts and add manly look to the belt.

Combination of leather color, pale bronze of buckle and rivets creates atmospheric and severe look at the same time. It is very medieval, very German-like and very masculine. It is almost menace any reenactors: “Buy me! Or you will not know a minute's peace of mind at any festival!”

However, if a reenactment event has not too strict rules, so a belt appeals to ladies as well, promising good complementation to “man” costume of the brave lady.

If such combination of leather color and bronze seem not too suitable for your medieval costume, so our artisans will gladly make a belt for your personal regards. So, choosing a belt for set of the XIV-XV century or estimable stylization, do not reinvent the wheel and go for leather belt with “Orlamunde” buckle. Count Orlamunde guarantees – you can’t go wrong!

Custom made

This item is a custom-made, which means that our crafters use individual body measurements of a client for manufacture.
Such type of manufacturing provides with a perfect fit of an item.





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  •  Sammy


    A very simple yet elegant belt. The metal and leather are both very high quality and you can tell the piece has been put together with a lot of attention to detail and care. Thank you so much!

Leather belt with "Orlamunde" buсkle, 14-15th century




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