Tessuti, trecce ecc.

Riguardo Tessuti, trecce ecc.

Lacing cords and threads are the most important must-have accessory for a medieval look. Seriously, you will need them for underwear, costume and armor and lots of other things. For tying up chausses and trousers, for lacing up doublets and dresses, for hanging various items from the belt, to lace up shoes, to tie up parts of armour. And yes, even for the clothes decor, lacing cords sewn on clothes is a very popular and stylish method of embellishing your costume. Threads are useful for tying up anything, knotting anything, tying anybody... It's a multifunctional and absolutely irreplaceable item.

It should be said that lacing cords and threads have been known since the early Middle Ages and are still popular today. Many mentions of lacing cords and related items we can find in Scandinavian sources, from Tvinningsben which means twisted weaving to Snoddgaffel and Knytgaffel means special forks for lace weaving.


The traditional medieval name lucet comes to us from mentions in French documents of the XVII century, when a new wave of popularity of laces began. 

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