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Terms & Conditions

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Please carefully read the following Terms and Conditions (hereinafter – T&C) before ordering on steel-mastery.com. By accessing and using this Site, you agree to follow these T&C. These T&C may be updated. Information regarding this will be shown on the bottom of this page.

General information

These terms and conditions are relevant to every order that is placed and every agreement that is reached through:

  • web-site steel-mastery.com;
  • email [email protected];
  • private messages on Facebook Page of Steel Mastery.

1. All these methods furthermore will be named “order or agreement reached through steel-mastery.com”.

2. By placing an order you agree with the terms and conditions of steel-mastery.com. 

3. Unless explicitly agreed upon by all parties involved and confirmed in writing by steel-mastery.com, deviations from these terms and conditions are not applicable to any orders or agreements reached through steel-mastery.com.

Placing an order

1. The products shown on steel-mastery.com are part of a non-binding online catalogue; they are not a legal binding product offering.

2. When you place an order on steel-mastery.com you will be asked to confirm your order when you reach the final step of the ordering process. After confirming your order, you have placed a non-binding order for the chosen products. 

3. After placing your order, we will send you a confirmation email to confirm that your order has been successfully received. The email will be sent to the email address you provide us during the ordering process.

4. The order confirmation does not yet constitute a contract of sale. The order confirmation is only intended to inform you of the fact that we have received your order. 

5. A binding contract of sale comes into place after payment is received and we confirm the possibility of production of your order. 

6. If payment is not successful, the order will automatically be cancelled and a contract of sale will not come into place. 

7. We accept orders from any country in the world, except Russia. 


1. We have 2 different type of products - from stock and made only to your order by your measurements. 

2. Different rules appliy to these different type of products.


1. All prices shown on steel-mastery.com are shown in Euros.

2. We have the right to cancel the order in the event the prices were incorrectly shown due to technical issues.


1. You can pay for your order using any of the following payment methods: Skrill, PayPal, Credit Card or bank transfer.

2. Skrill and PayPal are available just on web-site. 

3. Paying by Credit Card - using the PayPal account. We don’t not receive and don’t collect the number of the Buyer's credit card. We dont have any access to your bank information. 

4. If you want to pay by bank transfer, please contact us by email [email protected]. We will provide you all necessary information. All bank fees should be paid from Buyer's side.


1. By default all orders shipped by Ukrainian National Post.
2. If you want your order to be shipped with another postal service (DHL, EMS etc), please contact us by email [email protected]. The price of this service is discussed separately in each case. 

3. The exact shipping costs are automatically calculated when you place your order and will depend on your shipping address, the weight and the size of your order. 

4. If shipping price was calculated incorrectly due to technical issues, we have right to ask you to pay additional cost. If you will decline additional payment - we have right to cancel your order and make full refund.

5. As soon as your order is shipped you will receive a confirmation email including track and trace details.

6. Shipping within Europe generally takes 10 to 14 days from the day of shipment. Shipping outside of Europe generally takes 10 to 30 day from the day of shipment.

7. These delivery times are an indication, not a guarantee. Longer delivery times than the delivery times indicated here, will not entitle you to compensation, to cancel your order or to revoke your contract of sale. We are not responsible for the postal services’ delivery terms

8. Although it is unlikely, customs officials are authorized to open packages for inspection. As this process is out of our control, please understand that we cannot bare responsibility for any orders delayed by foreign customs. Additionally, custom duties, which are not included in our product price or shipping charges, may or may not be imposed by customs officials in your country. Our customers tell us that fees are consistently not collected on small parcels.If you want to get more information - please contact customs officials in your country for more information on how your order will be handled by them. We can’t provide you professional consultation in this area. 

9. No claim will be admitted in case of the wrong address, an absence of the recipient at the stated address at the time of delivery, unclaimed parcels. In such cases, the order will be sent to you again at your expense.

10. If your parcel was lost, we will make an official search request. Official answer could take 2-3 months. If we receive an answer that your parcel is officially lost, we will produce a new item and ship it again for free (at our cost). If you don’t want new item, we can make only 30% refund of the item price, but no refund for the shipping price. 

This situation is very rare, but unfortunately it happens. But you will be protected to the fullest extent. 


1. If you ordered an item from stock, received it in normal condition and decided to return it - you can do it during 14 days after you receive it. We will ask you to pay for shipping. We will make full refund, but only for the price of the item, not the price of shipping. 

2. If you ordered a custom made item, received it in normal condition and decided to return it - you can do it during 14 days after you receive it. We will ask you to pay for shipping. We will make only 30% refund for the item and no refund for the shipping.

3. If you ordered an item from stock or a custom made item and receive it with manufacturing defect - we will pay for return shipping and provide you new item for free. 

4. If the custom made item doesn’t fit, be ready to provide us proofs of the accurate measurements in the form of photos with the tape measure attached. In case of our mistake, we will either remake the item or refund, the misfit product should be sent back (postage expenses are covered by the us).

5. We will proceed refunding process after we will receive the item back and check it. We do not refund return products that have been used or damaged by customer.

6. Please use only usual post service to return the goods (not express courier). Otherwise we will not be able to refund you shipping costs.

7. If you received an item which was evidently damaged during the transportation, please immediately raise a claim to the post service which delivered it.


1. You can get a full refund for orders which have not been shipped yet during 14 days after you placed an order. 

2. You can get an 80% refund for the goods and 100% for shipping if you want a refund after 14 days after you have placed an order but before we start manufacturing your order. 

3. You can get an 40% refund for the goods and 100% for shipping if you want a refund for order which already in manufacturing

4. You can get a 30% refund for the goods and 100% for shipping if you want a refund for an order which is already manufactured but not shipped. 


1. If you want to exchange the item from stock, it is possible, but we will ask you to pay all shipping costs and the price difference for items.

2. If you want to exchange the custom made item which fits you well and is made by your measurements and wiches - there is no such possibility, unfortunately.  

Disclaimer of liability

Fencing and Medieval reenactment as well as other allied subjects of activity are connected to a certain risk of injuries. We reject all responsibility for any traumas done to oneself or to the third person along with any material or consequential damage impaired during the products usage. We admonish that all acts with armor, weapons or their components have to be performed before designated person who is accredited to supervise outfit’s conformance to the standards of the particular event and is responsible for safety.

Privacy policy 

We take a great deal of care in ensuring that information which is obtained about you is treated appropriately and in accordance with data protection regulations. We guarantee that we will never sell your personal information to any third party.

We collect the following information: 

  • Your name and email as it provided 
  • Your orders details as it provided by you in order form 
  • Your phone number if it is provided in your order details 
  • You address as it stated in your payment or provided by you 
  • Your measurements  

We do not transmit our clients' data to the third person unless otherwise required by law or necessary to resolve an issue with your order or produce it. The financial information is held only at the servers of payment billing performing companies (currently it is PayPal) and is secured in accordance with their internal security policy.