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  • Gladiator manica (right hand) Gladiator manica (right hand) Gladiator manica (right hand)
    Gladiator manica (right hand)

Gladiator manica (ri...

Gladiator manica (right hand)



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Manica was a widespread element of gladiator padded arm protection. It could be made of soft padded or quilted few-layered clothes. Such protection was fixed with leather belt and strings on the arm.

Depending on the type of gladiator, manica was being worn by:

  • Murmillo, Equestis, Hoplomachus, Secutor, Thraex - on the right arm;

  • Retiarius - on the left arm.

This is right hand manica with brown leather fastenings.

Outer side - green linen
Inner side - green linen

3 layers of padding

Full length of manica: 80cm

This manica armor will be perfect for such measurements:

- arm length (from the shoulder joint to the wrist, over the bent elbow) - 62cm
- hand length (from the wrist to the finger-ends) - 18cm
- hand circumference (over the knuckles) - 24cm
- bicep circumference - 38cm    
- elbow circumference - 34cm
- forearm circumference - 32cm

Additional: chestbelt length - 100cm


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Gladiator manica (right hand)




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