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Gladiator manica (right hand)



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Manica was a widespread element of gladiator padded arm protection. It could be made of soft padded or quilted few-layered clothes. Such protection was fixed with leather belt and strings on the arm.

Depending on the type of gladiator, manica was being worn by:

  • Murmillo, Equestis, Hoplomachus, Secutor, Thraex - on the right arm;

  • Retiarius - on the left arm.

This is right hand manica with brown leather fastenings.

Outer side - green linen
Inner side - green linen

3 layers of padding

Full length of manica: 80cm

This manica armor will be perfect for such measurements:

- arm length (from the shoulder joint to the wrist, over the bent elbow) - 62cm
- hand length (from the wrist to the finger-ends) - 18cm
- hand circumference (over the knuckles) - 24cm
- bicep circumference - 38cm    
- elbow circumference - 34cm
- forearm circumference - 32cm

Additional: chestbelt length - 100cm



Here is one of the authentic samples of brigandine, that was recreated based on the materials of excavation of the Battle of Visby (1361).
This armour is perfect for medieval tournaments and battles.

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