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  • Duelist rapier Duelist rapier Duelist rapier
    Duelist rapier

Duelist rapier

Duelist rapier... G-WP-010

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Duelist Rapier is based on the Spanish-style non-cutting rapier that appeared in the XVI century. It is assembled on the 105 cm (41,3 in) long triangular musketeer blade, comfortably light and lasting while its length gives additional advantage. Considering its parameters, duelist rapier is perfect for HEMA. Your hands will be delighted, fights will be quality, and you will be a happy owner of this weapon for a long time.

However, we should warn you that different HEMA fencing tournaments have particular rules regarding the blade’s length, weapon’s weight or model. Therefore, it’s best for you to check those rules before choosing a particular model to make sure you’ll be allowed to participate. We wouldn’t want you to miss all the fun – contact us via [email protected] and we will help you choose the best weapon.  


Material – blade high carbon steel 60S2A tempered to 51-53 HRC
Length – 124 cm (48,8 in)
Blade Length – 105 cm (41,3 in)
Handle length – 20 cm (7,9 in)
Crossguard length – 20 cm (7,9 in)
Weight – 900g

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Duelist rapier




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