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Custom pilgrim secular "Pomegranate branch" badge



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Pomegranate branch. A badge of Catherine of Aragon. Spain, late 15- early 16c. It was worn by her courtiers, her servants and just those who adored her. This is an example of so called "secular" badge with no relation to any religious cult. From the book "Pilgrim Souvenirs and Secular Badges."
Badges were used by medieval pilgrims as souvenirs from the holy places which they had attended, as tangible proves of attendance such a holy place. Each place of cult had it's own badges so seeing a pilgrim wearing certain badges one could name the places which this pilgrim had visited. Also, so called secular badges existed which could belong to an authority or a noble who gave these badges to his/her courtiers, srevants, supporters and so on. Badges commemorating a major event existed, too.

  • Size 54 x 40 mm


Here is one of the authentic samples of brigandine, that was recreated based on the materials of excavation of the Battle of Visby (1361).
This armour is perfect for medieval tournaments and battles.

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