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    Buckle of the XIV-XV centuries

Buckle of the XIV-XV...

Buckle of the XIV-XV centuries



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Buckle of the XIV-XV centuries is a reconstruction of the medieval handiworks. Design is based on the drafts of famous architect and restorer of the medieval buildings Eugène Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc. This buckle is refection of fashion trends and customs of epoch.

All clothing of the late Middle Ages are complemented with accessories, not least of which is buckle. It is not only functional piece, but also sign of status. Buckle looks excellent. Owner really may be proud of it.

This buckle is suitable for decent belt of brown or black leather. Cast handmade accessory has a shape of fancy frame with floral ornament.

Medieval belt strapend of the Western Europe is perfect addition to this buckle.

Material: bronze.

Buckle size: 50 x 100 mm

Strap width: 20-25 mm.

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