History of decoration people applied to their costume starts from the first bones, shells, and feathers our shaggy ancestors used to braid into their hair in Paleolithic Era. By Middle ages, humankind wasn’t just accessorising competently, it had managed to achieve a high level in this skill. A rich collection of medieval accessories from Steel Mastery presents a huge range of unique casting decorations, belts, high-quality leather bags as well as other medieval times accessories for any living history events whether it’s reenactment event, medieval and Renaissance festival, LARP events or stage performances.

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Medieval cast accessories

When speaking of decorations, especially regarding usage of precious, semi-precious gems, and enamel, it’s worth mentioning that Middle ages were somewhat a throwback period in mastery. However, skills weren’t lost completely so by the XV century jewellery was at its second peak after Ancient Egypt times. Yet, although the gem-cutting with facets had been already available, cabochons had enormous popularity.

Regarding the metal for casting, brass is traditionally used at living history events. Nevertheless, we’ll be more than happy to produce events medieval accessories replicas made of original metal.

Must-have medieval times accessories – are various buttons, hooks, pins, because these are not as much a decoration as are necessary costume elements for any social standing. For example, a set of a jour medieval Swedish buttons enriches any ensemble, especially together with medieval decorative spiral lace tip, that resembles a fantastic unicorn’s horn.

The most modest however variety middle ages accessories are badges. It’s worth mentioning that fashionistas just adored sewing it on their clothes at every given opportunity in unthinkable quantities. You can easily feel the XIV-XV centuries spirit with medieval bronze badge ”Dragon”.

All sorts of brooches and fasteners helped with bracing costume while veneering it. Fair ladies will definitely appreciate pair of Scandinavian female oval fibula that feat both gentle damsel and tough Valkyrie.

Another collection worth mentioning – our cast medieval times accessories for belts. Steel Mastery store provides you a great choice among cast belt sets for passionate admirers including such elegant renaissance accessories like Medieval set for women girdle, XV century.

In case you would like to compose your future custom belt by yourself, you are cordially invited to the sections of:

Medieval leather accessories

Belts were the canonical costume part not only as medieval accessories but as essential functional elements. We offer our clients a rich selection of best quality belts – from splendid Knight’s Medieval belt deserving to complete the look of the king himself to modest, comfortable Belt for chausses with leather suspenders that can handle the heaviest and strongest leg protection without you even feeling its weight.

More to add, Steel Mastery has a wide choice of leather Bags, pouches, wallets and alike that fit every taste. Here you can purchase modern custom handcrafted leather travel bag for classy traveling as well as authentic medieval bag of gold for living history and recreation events.

Other medieval accessories

Oh, by the way, we’ve almost forgotten to present to you our medieval crowns section for the world’s emperors. Would you like to try on the crown of Foltest, king of Temeria?

Middle ages are usually called unwashed times. However, even the strictest reconstruction is not a reason to stay dirty. That’s why for modern history lovers we produce the best homemade soap. It is organic, ECO-friendly, simply awesome. Be sure to take a look at homemade natural craft soap – set of 7 bars.

So remember – when armor is already ordered, costume is chosen, you can still complete your look with cool authentic medieval accessories. Old times fashion gives us a huge range of various additions to your medieval times look, while Steel Mastery’s craftsmen are always ready to produce it for you. Extremely talented and exceptionally enduring, they are working for over 15 years constantly enhancing their skills in making the coolest products you wouldn’t want to take off.

Do not hesitate to use their service! Remember, you can always return the product that doesn’t fit at your own cost. We will rework it according to your needs. Just because we love and cherish our clients that much. And, by the way, we’re great as well as humble.

If you want something special you can’t find in our collections, contact us via [email protected] – we are always ready to help you and create a unique item basing on your photos, pictures, and desires.

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Leather belt with "Orlamunde" buсkle,  14-15th century
Leather belt with "Orlamunde" buсkle, 14-15th century

A very simple yet elegant belt. The metal and leather are both very high quality and you can tell the piece has been put together with a lot of attention to detail and care. Thank you so much!


Very good quality! Great to be used with padded chausses

Samuel Janiv

A bit long if you have a medium-frame like I do, however it certainly is resilient. I would advise nonetheless to use some braces to relieve back pains if you intend to use the belt to support plate legs.

Custom pilgrim secular
Custom pilgrim secular "Black Prince" badge

satisfied with quality :) good product